We are pleased to present the RHB Banking Group’s

2023 Integrated and Sustainability Reports

The aim of this report is to offer a balanced assessment of our value creation journey for our diverse stakeholders. It encompasses our material matters, business strategies, risk and capital management, corporate governance, and both financial and non-financial performance.

Through an integrated approach, we generate shared value for the present and future generations in line with our commitment to making progress happen to everyone.


Total Income
RM7.8 billion
2022: RM8.2 billion
Net Profit
RM2.8 billion
2022: RM2.7 billion
Return on Equity
2022: 9.6%
Cost-To-Income Ratio
2022: 44.2%
Total Assets
RM328.7 billion
2022: RM310.8 billion
Gross Loans
RM222.4 billion
2022: RM212.2 billion
Deposits from Customers
RM245.1 billion
2022: RM227.2 billion
Shareholders’ Equity
RM30.9 billion
2022: RM28.7 billion
Basic Earnings Per Share
2022: 64.0 sen
Gross Impaired Loans Ratio
2022: 1.55%
CASA Ratio
2022: 29.2%
Total Capital Ratio
2022: 19.3%
Cumulatively mobilised more than
RM23.8 billion
in Sustainable Financial Services
Cumulatively granted
RM2.6 billion
through the SME Sustainable Financing Programme
Diversity and Equal Opportunity
of Top and Senior Management roles held by women.
RM582.3 million
in products and services from local suppliers
Carbon Neutral Operations
43.1% reduction
in operational GHG emissions against 2016 baseline
Invested close to
RM32.6 million
in employee training and development
Directed more than
RM4 million
towards community initiatives which impacted more than 50,000 people
Benefitted almost
secondary school students
via RHB X-Cel academic excellence programme
* This data has been externally assured.


Dear Valued

I am honoured to present the RHB Banking Group’s Integrated Report 2023, which details insights into our 2023 journey, and reflects the significant achievements and learning experiences that have shaped our business and strategic direction. This Report highlights our financial performance, as well as our relentless pursuit of creating value for all our stakeholders, advancing our sustainability initiatives, empowering our people, and upholding the highest standards of governance.
Tan Sri Ahmad Badri Mohd Zahir
Gross Loans
grew 4.8% year-on-year to RM222.4 billion
mainly supported by Group Community Banking and Singapore growth
Deposits From Customers
grew 7.9% year-on-year to RM245.1 billion
Return on Equity
was at 9.5%


Dear Valued

As we reflect on the Financial Year 2023, I am pleased to share that the RHB Banking Group (“RHB” or the “Group“) has demonstrated resilience, dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to our core values. Despite the challenges of our operating environment marked by fluctuating economic landscape and evolving regulatory requirements, the Group has persevered, and remain steadfast in delivering value to our customers, shareholders and other key stakeholders.
Mohd Rashid Mohamad

Group Managing Director/Group Chief
Executive Officer
Be Everyone’s Primary Bank
+6.0% Retail Loans
+8.6% Mortage Loans
Reflex Customers
+4.9% SME Loans
+7.8% Auto Financing
+49.0% Merchants

Acting Group Chief Financial Officer’s Review

The Group’s performance in 2023 continued its trajectory of resilience, supported by strong fundamentals. The Group’s net profit for the year ended 31 December 2023 grew 4.8% year-on-year (“YoY”) to RM2.8 billion, primarily driven by higher non-fund based income. Return-on-equity (“ROE”) for the year remained commendable at 9.5%.
Phuah Shok Cheng

Acting Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Group Community Banking

    Posted a 2.8% YoY increase in profit before tax to RM1.9 billion, mainly driven by higher net fund based income and lower ECL. Gross loans and financing grew 5.8% YoY to RM140.9 billion primarily driven by growth in mortgage (+8.6%) and SME (+4.9%). Deposits increased 12.6% YoY to RM115.0 billion, mainly attributed to growth in fixed deposits (+21.5%).

  • Group Wholesale Banking

    Achieved a profit before tax of RM2.1 billion, marking a 19.1% YoY increase primarily due to higher non-fund based income and ECL writeback. Gross loans and financing declined 3.1% to RM49.1 billion but mitigated by sustained growth in securities portfolio of 17.7%. Deposits shifted from fixed deposits and money market time deposits to current accounts.

  • Group International Business

    Faced by challenges in the operating environment, posted a loss before tax of RM182.6 million, compared with a profit before tax of RM425.2 million achieved last year, mainly due to higher ECL and operating expenses. Operations in Singapore remained robust whereby profit before tax was RM170.8 million, and gross loans and financing and deposits grew 17.5% and 36.9% YoY, respectively.

  • Group Shariah Business

    Posted a profit before tax of RM1.1 billion, marginally lower by 1.0% YoY mainly due to lower net fund based income and higher operating expenses. Gross financing grew 2.8% YoY to RM84.0 billion. Islamic business contributed 44.3% of the Group’s total domestic gross loans and financing.

  • Group Insurance

    Registered a profit before tax of RM99.0 million, a 38.8% YoY improvement attributed to higher net investment income.

Sustainability Journey

We have adopted a holistic approach to sustainability, recognising that Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors are deeply interconnected and critical to our long-term success and business resilience.

Guided by the Group's 5-Year Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap (2022-2026), RHB has made significant progress in integrating sustainable practices across its business activities, operations, and decision-making processes, creating long-term value for both the Group and its stakeholders.


You can play a role in strengthening the culture of sustainability by downloading these reports.

In line with the RHB Banking Group’s commitment to environment conservation, printed copies of the Integrated Report 2023, Financial Report 2023 and Sustainability Report 2023 will be made available only upon request via the "Boardroom Smart Investor Portal".