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Find the silver lining when you deposit with RHB Premier Multi Currency Account and unearth global opportunities to diversify and protect your hard earned money.

RHB Premier Multi Currency Account is protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.
MCA Gold Investment and MCA Silver Investment are not protected by PIDM.

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Diversify your portfolio with RHB Premier Multi Currency Account and enjoy double rewards with extra Grand Prize entries on top of your Monthly Incremental Balance reward.

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Campaign Period :
1 December 2020 – 28 February 2021

RHB Premier Multi Currency Account

One account, 17 foreign currencies with potential gains when you hedge against fluctuations on the market conditions.

Diversify your portfolio into foreign currencies to protect the overall monetary value while leveraging on currency fluctuations and earn interest rates on short or long-term deposits.

Best of all, you can buy and sell foreign currencies with preferred currency conversion rates via RHB Now Internet Banking, at your own convenience.

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Paper Gold and Paper Silver*

Easiest assets for everyday investors to buy and sell via RHB Online Banking, at your convenience.

Precious Metals have been considered as an ideal hedge for financial market risks due to its solid upside price appreciation potential, making it an alternative for a more long-term investment approach.

You can invest in Paper Gold or Paper Silver through exchange-traded funds and you may sell it to any other investor just like a stock and receive money, instead of actual metals.

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1 Debit Card. 13 Foreign Currencies
with many exclusive benefits.


Awarded by Global Retail Banking Innovation Award 2019

Transact locally and globally up to 13 Foreign Currencies

Carry your card in your pocket wherever you go.

Attractive currency conversion rate

Enjoy exclusive currency conversion with the lowest rate* offered to RHB Premier Multi Currency Visa Debit Card.

No currency conversion fee*

Transact with your preferred currencies on overseas retail spend with no extra charges.

Instant Currency Conversion

Access to a fast, simple and seamless online banking experience, no matter where you are.