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Integrated Report 2019

A View From Our Chairman

Tan Sri Azlan Zainol


Dear Valued Shareholders,
It had been a relatively good year for RHB as we continued to meet our strategic objectives, which helped us strengthen our position in the market while building capabilities for future growth. I am therefore pleased to present to you the Group’s first-ever Integrated Report which gives an overview on our efforts to create sustainable value over time for all our stakeholders.

Group Managing Director’s Statement

Dato’ Khairussaleh ramli

Group Managing Director

Dear Valued Shareholders,
This 5th of May 2020 will mark the completion of my 5 years at the helm of RHB as Group Managing Director. Over this period, we went through many challenges and emerged stronger fundamentally, through the execution of our strategies and transformation initiatives. We identified and leveraged on our strengths, and mapped out what needed to be done to remain competitive and create sustainable value for our shareholders and all other stakeholders.

2019 Key Highlights

AGILE Case Study

Going Beyond Banking For Our SMEs

Our Sustainability Framework

Sustainability Highlights