Driven to create a
sustainable future with
RHB Green Financing.

Take the road that leads you to a better
world with us. On top of the great savings
from the financing rates, you also enjoy
great incentives along the way.

Good news! The campaign has been extended. Don't miss the chance to enjoy the attractive offer!

Campaign period:
1 September 2023 - 31 December 2023

Enjoy lower monthly instalments
with our competitive rates:

As low as

BR + 0.10% p.a.

or 2.05%2 p.a. (Flat Rate equivalent)

• For Hybrid / Hybrid Plug-in / Electric Vehicles
• Financing Amount: up to RM500,000

Take charge of your future
and be rewarded.

ChargEV is the nation’s largest public
charging network for Hybrid Plug-in
and Electric Vehicles, operating over
300 charging points nationwide.

Now, you can power up with ChargEV
without paying 1st year membership

worth RM2401 when you take up
RHB Green Financing.

Here’s how it works.

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Together, we can progress towards
the betterment of the future.

Here are our 4 green financing pillars:

Green Energy

Assisting businesses and residentials
to go green with renewable energy
for a lower carbon footprint.

Green Buildings

Supporting eco-friendly, cost-saving
initiatives in construction, management
and maintenance of buildings.

Green Products

Endorsing the production and
purchase of eco-friendly products
such as hybrids and electric vehicles.

Green Process

Driving low carbon production by
supporting businesses looking to enhance
processes, equipment and machineries.