Corporate Logo

RHB brand identity reflects the surge of change within the Group and represents the Group's efforts to streamline its core businesses and operational support in projecting the RHB brand as a single unified banking group.


The logotype highlights the brand's driving characteristics: modern and contemporary, confident and institutional, progressive and dynamic, fresh and vibrant, and warm and friendly.


The primary colour of  corporate blue  projects a stronger corporate commitment to new business approaches and symbolises the creation of a banking group that is committed to long-term sustainability. The  red  signifies the heart of the Group's workforce and the integral part it will play in building the Group into one of the top three financial services providers in ASEAN by 2020.

Associated with intelligence and stability, the secondary colour of morning  sky blue  highlights the Group's aspiration to become a more modern, progressive and distinctive banking group within the local, regional and international banking arenas.