Corporate Milestones

Kwong Yik Bank Berhad

1913 Establishment of Malaya's first local bank

1997 Merges with DCB Bank Berhad, making it the country's biggest ever banking merger at that time

Sime Bank Berhad (formerly known as UMBC Bank)

1959 Establishment of United Malayan Banking Corporation Berhad (UMBC)

1960 Officially declared open by Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. It is the first commercial bank to be established in independent Malaya

1996 UMBC becomes part of Sime Darby Berhad and is renamed Sime Bank Berhad

1999 Merges with RHB Bank Berhad and becomes part of the RHB Banking Group

DCB Bank Berhad

1966 Establishment of Development and Commercial Bank (D&C Bank, later renamed DCB Bank)

1997 Merges with Kwong Yik Bank Berhad to form RHB Bank Berhad, turning a medium-sized bank into the third largest integrated financial services group in Malaysia

Utama Banking Group (UBG)

1976 A licensed commercial bank, is incorporated as a public company

2003 Merger of RHB Bank Berhad with Bank Utama Berhad into the RHB Banking Group

RHB Banking Group

1983 Rashid Hussain secures a broker's licence and sets up Rashid Hussain Securities Sdn Bhd

1996 Rashid Hussain acquires a 75% stake in Kwong Yik Bank Berhad

1997 Merger of Kwong Yik Bank Berhad and DCB Bank Berhad to form RHB Bank, then Malaysia's third largest financial services group

1999 Merger of Sime Bank Berhad and RHB Bank Berhad to form the RHB Banking Group

2003 Merger of RHB Bank Berhad with Bank Utama Berhad into the RHB Banking Group

2005 RHB Banking Group received a license for its Islamic Banking arm - RHB Islamic Bank Berhad

2009 Inception of Easy by RHB, the first innovative community bank in Asia that offers fast and simple banking experience through cutting-edge technology

2012 RHB Capital acquired OSK Investment Bank, paving the way for the RHB Banking Group's strong presence in ASEAN and Hong Kong

2013 RHB Banking Group celebrates RHB Bank's 100th Anniversary

2016 RHB Bank Berhad assumes the listing status of RHB Capital Berhad as the financial holding company