Introducing RHB Vehicle Financing-i (Variable Rate) with the flexibility to reduce principal balance and profit charges.

Fascinated by your dream car?
Whether you are seeking an upgrade, purchasing a used car for your growing family or
simply being enticed by the latest models, you will enjoy extra savings with
RHB Vehicle Financing-i (Variable Rate) when you pay more.

Not just that, steer towards a cleaner, greener future by getting
an eco-friendly car with our Green Financing Package or take advantage of our
competitive rate for Volvo cars!

Good news! The campaign has now been extended.
Don't miss the chance to enjoy the attractive offer!

Campaign period:
1 April 2022 - 31 December 2023

Green Financing Rate

As low as

BR+0.10% p.a.

or 2.05%* p.a. (Flat Rate equivalent)

• For Hybrid/Hybrid Plug-in/Electric Vehicle
• Financing Amount: Up to RM500,000.00

Volvo Car Finance Package

As low as

BR+0.01% p.a.

or 2.00%* p.a. (Flat Rate equivalent)

• Up to 90% Financing • 9 years tenure

* RHB Base Rate(BR) is based on current prevailing BR of 3.75% as at 8 May 2023.
Offered rates vary depending on your commercial credit assessment

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Benefits of RHB Vehicle Financing-i (Variable Rate)
Benefits of RHB Vehicle Financing-i (Variable Rate)

Principal _Reduction.png

Principal Reduction

Get your financing
amount reduced
when you pay extra.

Daily Rest Balance Reduction

Daily Rest Balance

Save on profit charges
with more savings.

Competitive Rates

Competitive Rates

Enjoy lower monthly financing plan for your new, used or reconditioned vehicle.

No Penalty.png

No Penalty

No exit fees on early

Flexible Tenure.png

Flexible Tenure

Up to 9 years tenure.


Individuals 18 years old and above, sole proprietorships,
partnerships, private limited and public limited companies.

Guarantor required for those below 21 years old or
above 60 years old and non-Malaysians.

How much can you save with
RHB Vehicle Financing-i (Variable Rate)?
Compare between Variable Rate and Fixed Rate now.

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Protect your car with Hire Purchase Reducing Term Takaful (HPRTT).

We’ve got your Vehicle Financing-i covered. Speak to any of our representatives
to get Hire Purchase Reducing Term Takaful (HPRTT) Protection Plan to pay off
the outstanding amount in the event of death or total permanent disability.

Get covered with Hire Purchase Reducing Term Takaful (HPRTT) Protection Plan
Get covered with Hire Purchase Reducing Term Takaful (HPRTT) Protection Plan

Maximum Coverage

Maximum Coverage

24-hour worldwide

Guaranteed Acceptance

Guaranteed Acceptance

No underwriting required for
coverage up to RM200,000.

Find out how much you will be covered under Hire Purchase Reducing Term Takaful (HPRTT) Protection Plan.