Grow your returns with a special 3-month Fixed Deposit/CMD-i interest/profit rate of up to 10.88% p.a.

Protecting your wealth is just as important as growing it. Enjoy higher returns on your Fixed Deposit (FD) / Commodity Murabahah Deposit-i (CMD-i) when you sign up for selected RHB Life Protection Plans / Family Takaful Solutions.

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Campaign Period:
5 January 2024 - 31 March 2024

FD / CMD-i Placement at 1:1 ratio**
Selected Life Regular Premium
(Min. AFYP*) / Contribution (Min. AFYC*)
FD / CMD-i Rate
RM10,000 7.88% p.a.1 (3 months)
RM10,000 5.88% p.a.2 (6 months)
RM50,000 10.88% p.a.3 (3 months)
RM50,000 6.88% p.a. (6 months)

*Annualised First Year Premium / Contribution
**FD / CMD-i Placement for Regular Top Up/
Single Top Up is at 1 to 0.1 ratio**