Financing Facility to assist Malaysian SMEs affected by COVID‑19

Icon Commercial / Business Credit Card/-i
Commercial / Business Credit Card/‑i
1.  What is the objective of the option to convert credit card/-i outstanding balances into Credit Card Balance Conversion Programme (CCBC)?
The aim of this programme is to provide some relief to SMEs/ Businesses/ Corporates who face temporary financial constraints arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope the conversion of the *credit card/-i balances into a term loan/financing programme will help reduce financial difficulties faced by them during this challenging time.

*only applicable to RHB Business Platinum Credit Card & RHB Corporate Credit Card/-i
2.  What is the credit card/-i CCBC?
CCBC enables SMEs/ Businesses/ Corporates to convert their outstanding balances (outstanding principal only to be converted for Islamic cards) into instalments. If your outstanding statement balance meets a minimum amount of RM1,000, it is eligible to be converted into an instalment plan of up to 3 years, at an effective rate of 13% per annum. The installment plans provided are for 6 months/ 12 months/ 24 months/ 36 months.
3.  Am I eligible to convert my credit card/-i outstanding balances into CCBC?
Yes, you are eligible to apply for the CCBC of up to 36 months, provided that your account is not in arrears for more than 90 days as at 1 April 2020.
4.  What if my credit card/-i is currently in arrears > 90 days, am I still eligible?
You are not eligible to convert your credit card/-i balances to CCBC as your account must not be in arrears exceeding 90 days as at 1 April 2020.
5.  What is the period of this CCBC?
CCBC will be from 1 April until 31 December 2020.
6.  How do I enroll to this programme? Is it an automatic enrolment, or do I need to apply for it?
It is not an automatic enrolment. The company’s authorised person/cardmember can apply for the CCBC. Please refer to the sample form template here.
7.  I am currently paying my credit card/-i promptly and I do not want to opt for this CCBC? How can I continue servicing my credit card/-i as usual?
You may continue to service your credit card/-i payment as usual. No other action is required.
8.  My company has multiple nominees, but I only want to opt for the CCBC for one of my nominee’s credit card/-i. What will be the process?
Please refer to the sample form template here. Once complete e-mail to
9.  If my credit card/-i outstanding balances are converted to CCBC, can i still use my credit card/-i?
Yes, you may continue to use the credit card/-i up to the remaining credit limit after taking into account the balance converted into a term loan/financing. The outstanding balance converted into a term loan/financing is treated as part of the credit card/-i limit. In addition, the monthly CCBC instalments forms part of the minimum monthly payment amount.
10.  How will the conversion of credit card/-i outstanding balances into CCBC be conducted for companies that have multiple nominees?
Conversion of the credit card/-i balances into CCBC will be at card level.
11.  If I decided not to convert now, but decide to convert in the future, what should I do?
You may continue to make payment and contact our Customer Contact Centre at 03-9206 8118, or refer to the sample form template here and e-mail to .
12.  Can I fully settle the CCBC before its maturity?
You may settle the CCBC at any time without any early termination fee. The remaining instalments outstanding balance will be charged in full and will appear in your next credit card statement.
13.  Is my RHB Charge Card/-i eligible for this CCBC programme?
No. This programme is not applicable for RHB Corporate Charge Card/-i & RHB Purchasing Charge Card/-i.
14.  I have opt-in / apply for the CCBC, when will the conversion start?
Upon successful of conversion into CCBC, the instalment will be reflected in your next credit card/-i statement.
15.  What will happen if I cancel my card?
Upon cancellation of your card, your CCBC will be terminated and you will have to pay the total outstanding balances in full, which includes the principal and interest/actual management fee as final payment.
16.  If my credit card/-i outstanding balance is converted to CCBC, will my company’s CCRIS records be adversely affected?
No, as long as the minimum payment has been paid by the relevant due date. However, if your credit card/-i is already non-performing (in arrears for more than 90 days), this will continue to be reflected in your company’s CCRIS record.
This is a non-automatic deferment.

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