Financing Facility to assist Malaysian SMEs affected by COVID-19


PENJANA SME Financing Scheme (PSF)

RHB is a participating bank for the PENJANA SME Financing Scheme.
Our main objective is to sustain business operations and assist SMEs who are
adversely impacted by COVID‑19.

The interest/profit rate is chargeable at 3.5% per annum with a maximum loan size of
RM500,000 per SME.

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Applications for the PSF will be accepted
starting July 2020 onwards.

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RHB BizPower/-i Relief Financing

Designed to help you to restore your business and get it back on track.
Alleviate short-term cash flow problems faced by SMEs adversely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak
Malaysian SMEs1,2 adversely affected by COVID-19 with at least 51% shares held under Malaysians
Purpose of Financing
Working capital
Financing rate
From 4.75% p.a to 6.45% p.a.
Financing amount
Up to RM1.0 million per SME
Guarantee Fee
There is no guarantee fee as it is absorbed by RHB.
Guarantee Cover
Up to 80% of the financing amount by Syarikat Jaminan Pembiayaan Perniagaan (SJPP), no other collaterals required.
Financing Tenure
Maximum 7 years (inclusive 6 months moratorium on principal only)
1SME definition by SME Corp, with at least 51% shares held by Malaysians.
2SME which qualify as per SME definition and have been entitled by the National SME Development Council (NSDC) which outlines the criteria for businesses to qualify for financial assistance.
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As your trusted ally, we’re committed
to keep your business running

With the new normal in full swing, we as your bank are working round the clock to ensure
your business continues to thrive as usual, only even better.

We are initiating special collaborations with our partners to help SMEs meet the challenges
of the new normal and to preserve everything that you’ve worked hard for.

Our collaborating partners:

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Moratorium during Covid-19

All SMEs automatically qualify for a 6-month moratorium for your loans and financing. If you would like to continue to make your loan/financing payments, kindly follow either steps below:

1. Kindly call RHB at 03-9206 8118, or

2. Click 'Cancel My Moratorium' and leave your details with us by filling the form.

Cancel My Moratorium

Note 1 : For loans/financing that are disbursed after 1st April 2020, repayment/payment will continue as per agreed schedule and will not be eligible for moratorium.

Note 2: Requests received BEFORE 8th of the current month will take effect the following month.
i.e Requests received BEFORE the 8th of April 2020, Standing Instruction (SI) will be reinstated in the month of May 2020.

Note 3: Requests received AFTER 8th of the current month will take effect T+2 months.
i.e Requests received AFTER 8th of April 2020, Standing Instruction (SI) will be reinstated in the month of June 2020.








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