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Stand to own 1 unit of limited edition 1kg Gold Key when you deposit with RHB.

Fortune is in your favour with the RHB Bonus Entries Reward Month. With up to 4.50kg worth of gold to be given away, your deposit with RHB might just be the key to opening new doors and golden opportunities to you.

Campaign Prizes


*Value is based on gold price as at 22 January 2020. Value of Campaign Prizes is subject to the fluctuations of the prevailing market gold price.

How to Participate
Grand Prize

Step 1
Deposit with RHB with a minimum initial placement of RM10,000 and hold it for 6 months.
Step 2
Limited time offer! Earn double entries during this bonus period from 4 May 2020 till 30 June 2020.

Guaranteed Gift

Deposit with RHB a minimum initial placement of RM1,000,000 in a single placement (over-the-counter at RHB branch) and hold it for 6 months.

We’re doing our
best to allow you to reach us during this time.

Here are the available options on how you can make deposit placement to participate in this campaign.

Placement at branch
Due to the MCO, we’re sorry that not all our branches are open. Kindly click here to find the branch nearest to you.

Feel free to step in from Mondays to Fridays between 10am and 3pm.
Assisted Placement*
You may also make placement as easy as sending your details via email/fax to our RHB branch personnel.

For more information on this option,
please contact RHB.
*Applicable for existing RHB customers with selected RHB Current or Savings Account/-i (CASA/-i) of Consumer Banking segment only.

Campaign Period:
3 February 2020 – 31 July 2020

Don’t have an RHB Savings or Current Account/-i?

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