Go green, go paperless with RHB for a better world.

We are doing our part to go paperless to reduce carbon footprint and adopt a more eco-friendly approach.
Just follow the simple steps to convert your hardcopy statement into e-Statement. Together, we can leave a better world for our future generations.

Please register for RHB Internet Banking and subscribe to
e-Statement for the following products:

  • Savings Account/-i
  • Current Account/-i
  • Credit Card/-i
  • Fixed Deposit / Commodity Murabahah Deposit-i
  • Personal Financing/-i
  • Mortgage Financing
  • Multi-Currency Account /
    Qard Multi Currency Account-i
  • ASB Financing/TF-i Collateralized by ASB Certificate

Why we need to go paperless.


Stop Deforestation

We lose forest the size of Panama every year & there will be no forest left by 2100.
Source: Greenpeace.

Minimise Wastage

50% of paper printed end up in the trash bin by the end of the day.
Source: The World Counts.

Save Water

We lose 10 litres of water to make 1 A4 paper.
Source: Greenpeace.

Save Trees

Every tree produces enough oxygen for 3 people to breathe.
Source: The World Counts.

Enjoy the benefits of e-Statement.

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Fast delivery

Receive your statements faster via RHB Internet Banking.
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e-Statement can be accessed at a click of a button.
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No losing e-Statement via secure internet banking.
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Easily archived

Easier to file with no clutter.
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Do your bit to save the environment.
How to convert into e-Statement via
RHB Now Internet Banking
For RHB Now users, you may follow the steps below.


Logon to RHB Now website at https://logon.rhb.com.my

Select “My Accounts” from the sidebar menu.


Select “eStatement Management”.


Select your desired account for e-Statement subscription. Then, click “Next”.


On desired account, tick “View Online” or “Send to Email”.

Then tick at “IMPORTANT: Please read TERMS & CONDITIONS…”.

Finally, click “Preview”.

Note: Option “Send to Email” is not applicable for Fixed Deposit and Commodity Murabahah Deposit-i.

Here’s how to view your e-Statement.

For RHB Now users, you may follow the steps below.
Step 1

Logon to RHB Now website at https://logon.rhb.com.my

Step 2

Select ‘My Accounts’ from the sidebar menu

Step 3

Select ‘View e-Statement’ from the dropdown list

Step 4

Select your desired account

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Feel free to contact us for assistance:

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Visit and approach any of our friendly staff at RHB branches. Email to our Customer Call Centre at customer.service@