Unit Trust Fund1

Benefit from award-winning Unit Trust
Funds that suit your financial needs
and risk profiling.

Qualifying criteria:
Minimum RM30,000 placement plus a
3% sales charge.

Retail Bond2

A fixed income investment, Retail Bond
presents potentially higher returns when
compared to Fixed Deposits.

Qualifying criteria:
Minimum RM250,000 placement.

Structured Investment3

Linked to selected underlying assets, this
hybrid financial instrument offers risk
return profiles that might be different from conventional bonds or equities.

Qualifying criteria:
Minimum RM100,000 placement.

Multi Currency Account4

Allows you to hold up to 24 foreign
currencies and invest in precious metals
such as Paper Gold and Paper Silver in ONE account

Qualifying criteria:
Minimum RM30,000 deposit equivalent
of any foreign currency or invest in Paper Gold / Paper Silver to qualify.


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