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Save and grow with our Islamic Savings Accounts. We cover your kids too!
Basic Savings Account-i
Initial deposit: RM20
  • Get an RHB Debit Card-i with the account and enjoy exclusive deals and offers.
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RHB Saving Account-i
Initial deposit: RM200
  • Based on the concept of Commodity Murabahah via the Tawarruq Arrangement (CM).
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RHB Children Account-i
Initial deposit: RM20
  • Enjoy FREE Personal Accident Takaful with balances above RM500.
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RHB Debit Card-i Benefit
Just use our debit cards.
Actually, they are more than cash.
An alternative to cash, accepted worldwide.
No carrying cash around, no risk.
Instant payments for all your purchases, the easy way.
With RHB, you can:
Perform Fund Transfer
Transfer fund securely and conveniently via FPX, Interbank GIRO (IBG) and Instant Transfer (IBFT) locally or Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (TT) and Western Union to overseas beneficiary. New feature Duit Now allows you to transfer or receive money from mobile number and other DuitNow IDs.
Bill Payment
Over 3,000 Billers available including JomPAY, paying your bills and financing repayment is just clicks away. With scheduled payments, you’ll never miss a bill payment again.
Banking Anywhere
With mobile app, you can perform any banking transaction, anywhere. Additionally, you can transfer money to the contacts in your phone book easily via DuitNow

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