News & Commentaries

Our Treasury commentaries provide you with updates on developments in the currency market, money market, and economic news. The commentaries are:

Treasury Alert

  • Daily Report*
    Commentaries on FOREX and Money Market activities and treasury product pricing which includes rates.
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  • Weekly Report*
    Weekly FOREX Market summary including rates and economic indicators and forecasts for the following week.
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  • Monthly Report*
    Salient information on the following:
    • Monthly summary of FOREX Market
    • Economic update on Malaysian and major economies
    • Interest rate recap & outlook
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For further details on FOREX Outlook, kindly contact (603) 9207-2666. As for further details on Economic Outlook, kindly contact (603 9280 6848/ 603 9280 6869)

*You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files