This document has been prepared by RHB Asset Management Sdn. Bhd. It is not intended to be an offer or invitation to subscribe or purchase of securities. The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed in good faith to be reliable; however, we make no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein or otherwise provided by us. Past performance of the funds are not an indication of future performance and prices may go down as well as up and you may not get back to the original cost incurred for the investment. Investment in unit trust funds are neither deposits nor guaranteed by us.

Investors are advised to read and understand the content of the prospectus before investing in unit trust funds. Investors should also consider the fees and charges involved before investing in the fund. Investors should rely on their own evaluation to assess the merits and risks of the investment. In considering the investment, investors who are in doubt on the action to be taken should consult professional advice.

The printed copy of the Master Prospectus and the Fund Prospectuses, as well as the application form(s) are available at our office and the offices of our authorised distributors or agents.

Master Prospectus (Navy Blue)

Supplementary Master Prospectus (Navy Blue)

  • RHB Cash Management Fund 2
  • RHB Dana Islam
  • RHB Dana Hazeem
  • RHB Deposits Fund
  • RHB Emerging Opportunity Unit Trust
  • RHB Equity Trust
  • RHB Growth and Income Focus Trust
  • RHB Income Fund 2
  • RHB KidSave Trust
  • RHB KLCI Tracker Fund
  • RHB Malaysia Dividend Fund
  • RHB Small Cap Opportunity Unit Trust
  • RHB Thematic Growth Fund

Master Prospectus (Green)

Supplementary – Master Prospectus (Green)

  • RHB Asean Fund
  • RHB Asia Pacific Fund
  • RHB Asian Growth Opportunities Fund
  • RHB Asian Real Estate Fund
  • RHB Big Cap China Enterprise Fund
  • RHB Global Allocation Fund
  • RHB Global Equity Yield Fund
  • RHB Global New Stars Fund
  • RHB Golden Dragon Fund
  • RHB Resources Fund
  • RHB US Focus Equity Fund

Master Prospectus (Gold)

Supplementary – Master Prospectus (Gold)

  • RHB Asia Consumer Fund
  • RHB China-India Dynamic Growth Fund
  • RHB Emerging Markets Bond Fund
  • RHB Entrepreneur Fund
  • RHB Gold & General Fund
  • RHB Leisure, Lifestyle & Luxury Fund
  • RHB Multi Asset Regular Income Fund

Master Prospectus (Smart)

Supplementary Master Prospectus (Smart)

  • RHB Smart Balanced Fund
  • RHB Smart Income Fund
  • RHB Smart Treasure Fund

Master Prospectus (Blue)

  • RHB Asian Total Return Fund
  • RHB Bond Fund
  • RHB Islamic Bond Fund
  • RHB Capital Fund
  • RHB Cash Management Fund 1
  • RHB Islamic Cash Management Fund
  • RHB Dividend Valued Equity Fund
  • RHB Dynamic Fund
  • RHB Malaysia DIVA Fund
  • RHB Mudharabah Fund
  • RHB-GS US Equity Fund

Master Prospectus (GoldenLife Funds)

  • RHB GoldenLife Today
  • RHB GoldenLife 2020
  • RHB GoldenLife 2030

RHB Islamic Regional Balanced Fund

RHB Money Market Fund

RHB Energy Fund

RHB Asian Income Fund

RHB Malaysia Income Fund

Retail Wholesale Fund Information Memorandum


Disclosure Documents

RHB Retirement Series

Core Funds

  • RHB Retirement Series – Growth Fund
  • RHB Retirement Series – Moderate Fund
  • RHB Retirement Series – Conservative Fund

Non-Core Funds

  • RHB Retirement Series - Islamic Equity Fund
  • RHB Retirement Series - Islamic Balanced Fund

Third party funds