Experience The True
Uniqueness of Asia

Air travel has become so common that even major attractions such as the Champs-Élysées or Big Ben might have lost their lustre. These are well known and packed with tourists that you’d be paying for the privilege of being cramped with 1,000 other tourists at a go.

Have you ever considered Asia as the ideal travel destination? Perhaps not, but it is a region steeped in history. Aside from that, many areas are catching on to the tourism trend and previously unheard of unique destinations are beginning to open.

Rather than focus on a certain place to be, why not consider your next travel to be all about the experience? For example, an experience that is immersive and authentic, closer to nature and where you can get a real feel of the place you’re visiting.

With that, here’s our top five picks in Asia, just for you.


(Bangkok, Thailand)

If someone were to mention fishing, most of us would think they’re crazy to suggest we travel overseas on holiday to experience that. But wait – Bungsamran is something unique. First, it’s not just a fishing destination, it is THE fishing destination. The 50-metre-deep lake hides monster freshwater fish of a size seldom seen today, some of up to 200 kg. Landing one of these beasts is an experience of a lifetime and certainly not to be missed. Even better is that they’ll provide everything you’ll need, from rod and reel to personal professional fishing guide. It’s also just a stone throw away from urban Bangkok.

2. Cardamom Mountains

(Loh Kong Province, Cambodia)

Stretching from Cambodia all the way into Thailand, the Cardamom Mountains are steeped in Khmer history. It is one of the largest unexplored areas left in Asia. Experience The True Uniqueness of Asia and boasts much of its unique flora and fauna. This being the case, it is also under the watchful eye of eco warriors and you can join them to try something you may not have done before. There is a community-based eco-tourism project, as well as a Wildlife Release Station. Visit this region before the world comes calling and it’s lost.

3. Bokeo Nature Reserve

(Huay Xai, Laos)

Experience wild Laos up close and personal at the Bokeo Nature Reserve. Home to the protected black-cheeked gibbon, Bokeo has been instrumental in bringing these gentle animals back from what was once near extinction. Aside from your experience here of a true wildlife reserve in the heart of Asia, you’ll also be contributing to their conservation efforts. Look at it this way; how often will you get to stay in some of the tallest treehouses in the world?

4. Valley of Eagles

(Yolyn Am, Mongolia)

If the long, stretching plains of the great Mongolian steppes doesn’t appeal to you, there’s something else as well. Yolyn Am is something truly unique, boasting a deep ice field even though it’s part of the Gobi Desert. The area is surrounded by rock formations and boasts a romantic, yet tragic love legend passed down through the times by natives of the area. For romantics and lovers of photography, this is a not-to-be-missed destination.

5. The Lesser-known Wild


While some may call the Great Wall of China a must-see destination, in truth, it’s mostly a reproduced facsimile. Most of the original wall has been lost in time, brick by brick, to either nature or human intervention. Yet all is not lost and if you’re truly interested in the historic monument, make sure you get to see the real, undiscovered side that most guides don’t bring you to. If you’re going to explore on your own, there is a stretch of Wild Wall between Jinshanling and Simatai, while Huanghuacheng also has a few sections. Be prepared to hike though, as these aren’t modern, well-crafted walls!

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