Using the principles of Li Chun to Achieve Your Financial Goals

With 2023 here and Chinese New Year almost upon us, it is perhaps the ideal time for a reflection of our financial goals. A fresh start to the year equates to a new perspective, perhaps even renewed goals and objectives along with a positive mindset to achieve them. One of the best ways to embrace this is by following the traditional Chinese practice of Li Chun.

An auspicious date on the lunar calendar, representing the beginning of spring, Li Chun is also the day where many deposit money as it is believed to bring good fortune to grow one’s wealth. Li Chun is also the day when many choose to kick start the new year with a "clean slate" by settling debts and making financial preparations for the coming year.

Based on the Chinese calendar, Li Chun will fall on 4 February 2023, at 10.47am. According to tradition, depositing money into bank accounts signifies the prospect of money coming in the year ahead. However, it doesn’t mean one should make a beeline for the bank at 10.47am on the day as depositing the money, as fengshui masters and astrologists will tell you, is also based on the individual’s Chinese zodiac animal.

There are also lucky or auspicious colours to wear on the day if you want to raise the chances of bringing more luck and fortune to your life in 2023. That said, although Li Chun is rooted in tradition and Feng Shui, it nevertheless serves as an appropriate time for many to reset their goals and financial objectives for the year ahead.

Incorporating the Principles of Li Chun into Your Financial Planning:

Pay Off Your Debts: Nothing emphasises a fresh start better than settling your debts. You can start by relooking at your types of loans or debt such as high-interest credit card balances and work out a way to pay them off as quickly as possible. Start by transferring your balances to a lower-interest credit card or consolidating your debt with a personal loan. You can also seek out a financial advisor to get a customised plan that will help reduce your debt load. These vital steps will not only help pave the way for a clean financial slate but also save you money in the long run, which you can invest to grow your wealth.

Start an Emergency Fund: It’s always prudent to save for a rainy day. Li Chun is the opportune time to start up or continue building your emergency fund to deal with unexpected expenses and emergencies. The RHB Smart Account1 is perfect for this task as it focuses on growing your wealth with smarter financial solutions along with higher returns of up to 3.35% per annum so you can be better prepared to handle unforeseen financial challenges in the future.

Set Your Financial Goals For 2023: Planning is an essential part of fulfilling a goal or objective and this is especially true in the realm of wealth-building. Whether it’s paying off a loan, saving up for a down payment for a home or building a retirement fund, it’s essential to plan out a way to achieve these goals you’ve set for yourself and map out its progress throughout the year.

Make Better Use of the Financial Products and Services at Your Disposal: You’ve got loans, credit cards, investment accounts and so on. But are they really helping you attain your financial goals? Li Chun is perfect for you to evaluate and review your financial products and make necessary changes so that it benefits you over the long run. Take for instance the RHB Multi Currency Account2, where you can store up to 24 foreign currencies in one account and earn interest on selected foreign currencies at the same time. If you are a frequent traveller overseas or have extended family living abroad, the debit card that comes with this account could be a blessing. Use the RHB Premier Multi Currency Visa Debit Card for everyday retail spending abroad, worry-free, as there are no currency conversion fees for your preferred currencies.

By incorporating these tips with the principles of Li Chun into your financial planning, you will be better equipped for a prosperous year ahead. As we head towards Chinese New Year and await the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit, there is no better time to reflect on the financial goals you’ve set for yourselves. With proper planning and usage of the tools, financial products, and services available at your disposal along with discipline and focus, you can take a decisive step towards a financially secure future.

1 RHB Smart Account is protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.
2 RHB Multi Currency Account is protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor. Multi Currency Account Gold Investment and Multi Currency Account Silver Investment are not protected by PIDM.

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