A man whose father recently passed away was going through his late father’s items, looking for a document. A small envelope caught his eye, tucked away in the corner of his father’s desk drawer. In it, he found a Father’s Day card he made for his father when he was six years old. We might not know it, and they might not always say it, but our fathers cherish every little thing we do for them.

Father’s Day is the time to celebrate the number one man in your life and show him how much you cherish and appreciate him. Papa, Ayah, Dad, Baba, Appa – whatever you call him, he’s the first man in your life. He is your superhero, mentor, pillar of strength, bottomless source of dad jokes, and the role model who helped shape you into the person you are today. Why not treat Dad to something special?

Special doesn’t have to mean extravagant. What are his hobbies and favourite food? Rally the family to brainstorm ideas for the celebration. You won’t need to book a table at a fancy restaurant – it could just be the family pitching in to cook his favourite dish. Send him out on “errands” that just happen to require a trip to his favourite shops, and by the time he comes back, a feast fit for a king will be laid out on the table.

If he likes movies, you could check out social media for screenings of arthouse films or popular movies from his youth, and make it a family outing. An alternative if Dad doesn’t like to go to crowded places is to set up a home cinema experience with a small projector. You can also put together a short film for him with messages from your family, and play it just before the main film, like a trailer. Make him a nice, cool, beverage in a Swanz tumbler and let him put up his feet and enjoy the film, surrounded by his family. Here's a little gift hack: with RHB Rewards, you can redeem over 8,000 gifts like the aforementioned Swanz tumbler and vouchers too. Get RHB Loyalty Points for every banking transaction you make with RHB, including spending with your RHB Credit Card/-i, and redeem them for gifts. Find out more at for other awesome dad gift ideas.

We’ve all been a little preoccupied lately, working, getting over the pandemic, and reconnecting with friends and family. How about some bonding time with Dad to make memories that both of you will treasure? Have a day out together. Find an activity that the whole family will enjoy. If he’s an outdoorsy guy, a few nights of camping and barbecuing with the family might be right up his alley. If he enjoys sports, First Traxx is Malaysia’s only ski and snowboard training centre, where Dad can sharpen his skills on the slopes. Find out more about First Traxx at https://www.rhbjomsapot.my/businesses/entertainment.

Dads love shirts, but Dad’s fashion sense might not exactly be trendy. Get him to look sleek and sharp for his meetings and dinners with a new shirt from Oxwhite, which also has a range of handsome business bags for handsome dads. Enjoy RM10 off Oxwhite products when you spend a minimum of RM60 with your RHB Credit/-i or RHB Debit Card/-i.

Remember the First Traxx ski practice session? Don’t tell him that it’s actually to prepare him for a trip to Europe! Now that the borders have reopened, and Dad has had all his vaccination shots, it’s time to take a family trip. For a seamless experience while traveling, sign him up for the RHB Multi Currency Visa Debit Card/-i that allows him to transact in up to 16 foreign currencies. If Europe is a little too far, a family trip to Thailand to see the elephants or lounge by the sea is also possible. Book that flight ticket and let the journey begin!

For every father, grandfather, adoptive father, stepfather, father-to-be, or father figure, we hope you remember on this special occasion that you are someone’s world. Happy Father’s Day from all of us at RHB.

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