We talk about funds and investment ideas in RHB Merge all the time, but there’s one more especially important investment we shouldn’t forget on Mother’s Day: our mothers.

Humans are the only primate species that give birth to completely helpless babies. Unlike other primates that give birth to fully developed miniature versions, we aren’t born suited up and ready to go to the office. For a substantial portion of our early lives, humans are dependent on our own caregivers for everything – food, shelter, clothing, hugs, and yes, money.

It costs between RM400,000 and RM1.1 million to raise a child. That’s not to say your parents would have been a million ringgit richer without you. You mean more to her than a million bucks, and there are no Mother’s Day cards that say, “Thanks for choosing me over being a millionaire, Mum. No regrets!”

Your mum put your needs above her own for a long time, so let’s take this Mother’s Day as an opportunity to show how much you appreciate all she’s done for you.

Flowers are nice, cake is better, but nothing says “I love you, Mama” like helping her get some gains on the biggest investment she’s ever made. Flip things around and invest in her future, instead.

If she’s nearing retirement, you can help bulk up her retirement funds as a surprise gift. Get the siblings to chip in and invest in a unit trust fund for Mum that each of you can add to every month.

(Remind your siblings that Mum spent a million ringgit on each of them, so contributing a few hundred a month is the least they could do). You could also invest in a Private Retirement Scheme (PRS), and make contributions on her behalf or sign her up for an insurance plan that takes care of her medical and financial needs, like our RHB Essential FlexiLink Plus.

These options can be arranged with your Relationship Manager, who will be as excited as you are about a Mother’s Day surprise. We love surprises. 

Once all the paperwork is done, slip the statement into your homemade Mother’s Day card. Or, instead of a card, slip it into a book on personal finance, like a gift inception – a gift within a gift. Imagine the look on her face when she opens the book, and that piece of paper falls out. 

Another thoughtful finance-themed gift is buying her shares in a company she is a loyal customer of. Is there a skincare brand she always uses? Find out which company owns it. Then you can tell her that her skincare routine is good for both her skin and her future. “May your finances be as supple as your skin, Mum.” 

Besides spending money on your needs, your mum spent many sleepless nights taking care of you when you were a baby, and more just worrying about you when you went out with your college friends and didn’t return her calls. Yes, you thought she was asleep when you snuck in at 3am, but she wasn’t. It’s time to acknowledge that and invest in her wellbeing and peace of mind.

How about an excellent quality mattress to help her regain some of that lost sleep? If she’s the active type, maybe you could sign up for a gym membership together. If spas and massages are more her thing, a membership or gift card for the spa of her choice would make her happy. Make it an outing for the whole family to get facials and mani-pedis.

Is your mum a grandma? Grandparents love their grandkids. They are done with the disciplining part of child-rearing and shower their grandkids with attention and affection. Plus, your kid is a cuter, more cost-efficient version of you. If your mum wasn’t financially able to cover your college fees when you were growing up, she might like the chance to do it for her grandchildren. You can help her set up a college savings account or education-based insurance plan.

These are just some ideas that can elevate your status to Favourite Child this Mother’s Day. Drop by your nearest RHB branch to brainstorm other unique and practical financial gifts with your Relationship Manager.

To all mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers and mother figures, Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at RHB.

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