Tips to level up your festive shopping and gift-giving skills this Christmas, and save money!

Gift-giving is an art. It’s a way to express your gratitude and appreciation for someone. It brings joy to both the giver and receiver. It feels good to shop for a loved one or receive a gift because you know that someone was thinking of you. The act of opening a gift is always exciting because you almost never know what you’re going to get.

Christmas is the season for exchanging gifts. As Malaysians, we all take part in this tradition, either at home or as part of the office’s Secret Santa.

The act of gift-giving can be traced back to the beginning of time. Items were given as a reward, to establish dominance, or to show a potential partner that one could provide for a family. Leaders of tribes often exchanged gifts to establish relationships. Typical gifts were animal teeth and stones, which could be used to craft tools. As humans progressed and developed a sense of style, decorative items were made from materials found in nature and gifts became a status symbol.

Thankfully, we’ve progressed beyond these types of gifts. Today, with so many options available, picking out a gift for someone can be tricky. To help you make your gift a success, we’ve come up with some tips and guidelines.

Find out what’s on their wish list. A wish list offers a peek into the mind of your recipient. You can casually mention it in a conversation or ask their friends. Shopping platforms like Amazon allow wish lists to be shared, so you can just get something from that list. It’s a sure way to ensure your gift is well-received.

Or you could just ask them what they would like. It takes away the element of surprise, but you know the gift won’t gather dust in a corner.

Despite their reputation for being lazy presents, gift cards and vouchers work well. Has your friend been complaining of stress? Get the person a voucher for a massage. Just don’t get the same voucher for everyone and hand them out like business cards on Christmas day – that’s lazy. Make the gift card or voucher more personalised by relating it to their needs or interests.

Which brings us to the next tip. What are their hobbies and interests? A gift related to a hobby or interest shows that you know them well and support their endeavours. If a friend is a fan of a football club, some related merchandise would be a great gift. If they like baking, a KitchenAid mixer is a much-coveted item.

Do you want to know of another way of spending nothing on gifts? RHB Everyday Deals* gives you 20% cashback when you spend on dining, food delivery or grocery shopping. Spending on daily essentials, shopping, utility bills, and even petrol gets you 5% cashback. All the cashback you receive can be accumulated to buy a gift, which you will also get cashback on.

Cheap does not mean bad. Just because a gift doesn’t cost much (or anything at all), doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s really the thought you put into the gift that counts. Despite the occasional questionable outcome of making things yourself, DIY gifts show effort and care. This type of gift-giving is also good for the environment if you re-purpose materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Simple items from re-purposed wood include bookshelves, multi-purpose boxes and small furniture. Old childhood clothes can be turned into a blanket of memories.

Gifts don’t have to be things. Experiences can be gifts as well. If your friend is a foodie, they might enjoy a food tour to discover hidden eateries. If you’re an amateur photographer, offer to take a family portrait. You can also gift a loved one a holiday. As a loyal RHB customer, you will earn Loyalty Points by simply spending, saving, transacting, or investing, which can be redeemed for trips and gifts. Register for RHB Superdeals to participate in a campaign to earn 2 million Loyalty Points. What can you get with 2 million Loyalty Points? How about a ticket to Seoul, or a ticket to New York? By just signing up for RHB Superdeals*, you will get a head start with 10,000 Loyalty Points.

With these tips in mind, you can get started on your gift ideas. Gift exchanges aside, cherish the time spent with loved ones and enjoy a restful end to your busy year. From all of us at RHB, here’s wishing you many blessings. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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