RHB My Money Tools is an online financial tracking and planning tool that gives you a clearer overview of all your finances. By bringing all your RHB accounts* together, you get to monitor and control your finances better. RHB My Money Tools –  dashboard for all your finances.

Note: All transactions for all RHB accounts are reflected on the next day.

* Exclude Dual Currency Investment Account (DCI)

A useful financial planner to help you manage, monitor and control your finances.

My Money Tools is a financial planning service that you can use when you log on to RHB Now. For starters, it helps you to manage your money more effectively. Better still, you can plan budgets and track your finances. What’s more, there are many other features you can benefit from. Above all, it gives you a clearer overview of what’s coming and going in all of your accounts. Take advantage of My Money Tools by logging on to RHB Now.


  • Track all your financial activities with easy-to-read charts and graphs
  • Review all the transaction categories
  • Personalise it by adding your own categories


  • Get a clearer view of where your money is going
  • Prioritise your spending and focus your money on what’s important
  • Allocate your money based on your financial limitations

View 4 Convenient Features In One Place.

In this dashboard, you can view snapshots of your financial activities with 4 key features. Each will have a summary that allows you to see important info at a glance. Here are the useful features for you:

See an overview of all your accounts with updated balances. All RHB accounts are grouped accordingly in different banking and investment categories for your convenience. You can even see when they were last updated.

Expense Analysis
Analyse your expenditures to find patterns in your spending. From the pie-charts and tables, you will be able to see where your money is going.

Bill Reminders
See what bills are coming up so you never miss a due date again. You can even mark a bill as paid if you have done so with a cheque or in person. If a bill has been left unpaid, it will disappear from the reminders list if the biller issues an updated one.

Net Worth Change
Track all the changes in your net worth at a glance! You can also set the time period and account categories like savings, current, fixed deposits and investments in your net worth change calculations.

Cash Flow
Review And Analyse Your Finances Easily.

All your income and expenditure will be displayed here. Review your cash flow with a summary of your earnings, expenses and available funds that you can tap into. Here are some of the features you can take advantage of:

  • Get an analysis of your cash flow for specified time period
  • See your net cash flow, top income sources and expenses
  • Transactions are conveniently listed in cash flow chart categories
  • View your future cash flow with our forecasting feature

Financial Calendar
everyday finances at your fingertips.

Financial Calendar is a convenient way to map out your spending. Just key in every transaction into the calendar box. This way, you can manage your cash flow better with past and projected account balances, scheduled transactions, upcoming bills and other activities. The real-time link between all your accounts automatically gives you a clear picture of your financial status.

  • Click on a day in the calendar. See the day’s account balances, bills due, transactions and other activities in detail
  • View an individual, group or all of your accounts
  • Add manual transactions on a specific day to track activities not recorded in your online accounts or enter an upcoming transaction

View, Track And Manage ALL Transactions In ONE Place.

Get insights into specific transaction details of your finances. What’s even more impressive is that you can manage and track ALL transactions from ALL your accounts in one place. Storing data from as far back as 6 months, you will have the added advantage of creating transaction categories. For example, tuition fees, bills, household expenses, etc. By dividing your money into categories of expenditures and savings, you will be more aware of which category takes which portion of your money. In fact, the tool is advanced enough to categorise them for you as time goes by. Here’s what you can do:

  • Search and filter your transactions to find specific ones or view them all by tracking and managing future and current transactions.
  • See the details of an individual transaction listed in the transaction table.
  • Hover over any transaction amount to split the transaction into categories you want or recategorise it.
  • Search for a specific transaction or use the advanced search function to refine the search criteria.

track all your spending, view your analysis

Analyse your expenses and see exactly where your money is going. You have options on how often you want to track this. There’s also a budgeting function where you will be alerted when your spending comes close to busting your budget. Knowing it earlier allows you to adjust your finances before problems occur. Here’s what you can expect:

  • View expenses for any week, month, 3 months, 6 months or a year
  • Create and edit budgets to monitor spending
  • See your data in a table or a pie-chart with detailed transaction information

Create Monthly Budget Goals,  Manage Your Finances Better.

Budgets are an essential part of financial management. By establishing budget goals, you can monitor and track your spending better. It also allows you to plan and set aside money for emergency expenses.

net worth summary
An invaluable tool to review your finances

Your net worth summary an overview of your entire finances. It’s actually an invaluable tool to help you prioritise your spending and manage your money. Here’s where you get to view the list of all your assets and liabilities in easy-to-comprehend charts, including an itemised summary of likely income and expenses for a given period. It also chronicles your past net worth summaries as they change over time. This is what you can expect:

  • View all your assets and liabilities for each of your account groups
  • View your net worth for different time periods
  • Add or remove accounts from your net worth calculations

stock portfolio
All your stock portfolio details, all in one convenient place.

Now, you can view the details of your stock portfolio more conveniently. With My Money Tools, you can login to track your shareholdings and investments. You can add shares and funds and a range of other investments to view your wealth over time. Once you’ve set it up, there is a range of extra features to help keep tabs on the companies you’re investing in. Best of all, this feature is free to use.

How to add RHB Investment Bank Trading Account:

Log onto
Go to “Account” tab at Navigation Bar
Click “Manage Account
Tick “Investment Account” box, key in your RHB Investment Bank Trading Account No. & click “Preview
Authenticate with One Time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile phone, click “Submit

Note: Wait for next working day for stock portfolio details

How to view stock portfolio:

Log onto
Go to “My Money Tools” tab at Navigation Bar
Hover on the “Dashboard” tab, select “Dashboard” in drop-down menu
View the full display of your group accounts
Scroll to “Investments” and select “RHB Investments” trading account 
(last 4 digits of the account number would be displayed.)
Click on respective “RHB Investments” account
View details of trading account on pop-up box   (Ensure your pop-blocker is disabled)
Click on “Holdings” tab to view display of your stock portfolio
*Details of your portfolio displayed: stock code, description, quantity, last done price, estimated market value
*Trust account balance (as per previous day closing)

Eligibility for RHB My Money Tools:
(1) Minimum RM50,000 in Deposits, Investments or Bancassurance with RHB Group or (2) Minimum RM400,000 with RHB Islamic / RHB Bank Home Financing Facility or (3) Other criteria as deemed fit by RHB Bank.

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