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Now, that’s banking right by you.
Designed with innovative features, the new RHB Mobile Banking App offers unparalleled convenience with simpler and seamless functions, all at a click of a button. It’s 24/7 banking that you can enjoy at your convenience – anytime, anywhere.
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and secure.

Gain access quickly to your own dashboard that gives you a view of all your accounts* and balances, using either biometric or PIN.

Your favourite recipients are now sitting in the front row for a quick one-tap payment.


Our Actionable Notifications make sure you never miss a monthly credit card payment, making all the notifications useful.

One - Touch

Enjoy one-touch payments, all made possible by our improved functions. By ensuring one-at-a-time registration for all your devices, we make sure you get to enjoy secure one-touch payments with total peace of mind.

Watch how people are better together with the new RHB Mobile Banking App
Banking right
by you.

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