With RHB Pay Anyone, you can transfer money through voice command.
Simply download the RHB Now Mobile Banking App to your iPhone and follow these easy steps:

Make sure your iPhone Siri is on and set to the English language.
Use key words like “transfer money”, “send money” or “RHB Pay Anyone” to initiate fund transfer via RHB Pay Anyone.
a) Send money to Andrew RM120.00
b) Transfer money to Andrew RM120.00
c) RHB Pay Anyone to Andrew RM120.00
Siri will launch the RHB Now Mobile Banking App. Login to your RHB Now Mobile Banking App with your Username and Password.
Check or edit the pre-filled information at the preview page before proceeding to transfer fund.
Key in the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number to complete your transaction.

It really is that simple, fast and seamless when you bank with RHB.

Enjoy ZERO transfer fee when you send money with RHB Pay Anyone via RHB Now Banking App today!

Terms & conditions
  1. The Siri voice command for RHB Pay Anyone service is only applicable for iPhone with iOS 10 and above.
  2. The pre-filled details will be utilised for the particular transaction only and will not be stored in the RHB Now Mobile Banking App.
  3. It remains the responsibility of the user to ensure confidentiality of all their information whilst using the voice command feature. User is advised to take their own necessary precaution when using this voice command feature, especially in public areas as they would indirectly be disclosing their personal information or payment details.