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RHB Visa Cards/‑i via Pick A Trip
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Pick A Trip and pay with your RHB Visa Cards/‑i.
Campaign period: 1 May 2024 – 31 July 2024
RHB Visa Credit Cards/-i
Travel Channel Minimum
Qualifying Spend
Promo Code Purchase Mode
Domestic RM500 on flights
RM500 on hotels
20% Off
20% Off

Pick A Trip
Mobile App or website
(within ASIA)
RM1,000 on flights
RM1,000 on hotels
30% Off
30% Off
Business Class
(within ASIA)
RM2,000 on flights 50% Off RHBFLYBZASIA
Travel Desk
Buy One (1) Economy Class Domestic Fair Complimentary One (1) Economy Class Domestic Fair - Call Travel Desk at
603‑2091 9874
or email CIT.
RHB Visa MCA Debit Cards/-i
Channels Qualifying Spend / Condition Discount Individual Capping per month (RM) Monthly Capping (RM) Total capping during campaign period Promo code
May 2024 June 2024 July 2024
International (any country) Spend minimum RM1,000 on international flights 40% 400 5,600 12,000 12,000 29,600 RHBFLYINT
International (any country) Spend minimum RM1,000 on international hotels 40% 400 6,000 12,000 12,000 30,000 RHBSTAYINT
Business Class (any country) Spend minimum RM2,000 on international flights 50% 1,000 3,000 6,000 6,000 15,000 RHBFLYBZINT
  14,600 30,000 30,000 74,600  
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Featured cards may vary from actual participating cards.

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