Here’s your golden opportunity to win
a limited edition 1kg Gold Key when you deposit with RHB.
Good fortune awaits you with the RHB Deposit Gold Campaign.
With a chance to win a Limited Edition 1kg Gold Bar designed to transform into a Gold Key,
golden opportunities are there to be unlocked!
Deposit now for a chance to win your share of up to RM1,205,200* in gold.
Campaign Period: 19 October 2022 - 30 April 2023
Grand Prize
Limited Edition 1kg Gold Key
Valued at RM375,000*
1 winner
Guaranteed Gifts
5g Gold Bar
Valued at RM1,850*
Limited to the first 300 qualified depositors
Consolation Prize
2 units of 50g Gold Bar
Valued at RM34,400*
5 winners
Monthly Special Draw
50g Gold Bar
Valued at RM17,200*
6 winners
* Value is based on gold price as at 5th September 2022.
Value of Campaign Prizes is subject to the fluctuations of the prevailing market gold price.
For illustration purposes only.
How to Win
Simply make a deposit placement into your RHB Current or Savings Account/-i at RHB branches and hold for the duration below for your chance to win.
Minimum Hold Placement
Holding Period
4 months
No. of Entries
2 (every RM10,000)
On top of that, bonus entries will be given to the following:
Increase Monthly Average
Balance by RM10,0001
Joy@Work Customers
Premier Customers
No. of Entries
2 (every RM10,000)
Early Bird Bonus
Make a placement in October/November 2022 and maintain/increase month end balance after maturity of hold placement until 30 April 2023
Double the entries from your initial placement
Guaranteed Gifts
Make an initial placement of RM1 million and hold for a minimum of 4 months
Monthly Special Draw
Make a minimum deposit of RM10,000 and hold for 4 months
to be entitled to 1 entry for the Monthly Special Draw.
Scenario 1
Deposit and hold RM10,000 in October
2 entries
Early Bird Bonus
2 entries
4 entries
Scenario 2
Deposit and hold RM30,000 in November
6 entries
RM10,000 incremental Monthly Average Balance for 3 months
6 entries
Early Bird
6 entries
18 entries
Scenario 3
Deposit and hold RM1,000,000 in December
200 entries
RM360,000 incremental Monthly Average Balance for 1 month
72 entries
272 entries + Guaranteed Gift
Here's what you need to do
Step 1
Already have an RHB Current or Savings Account/-i (CASA/-i)? Great!
To participate in this campaign, click on the button below and fill in your details accordingly.
I Want to Participate
Step 2
Deposit & Hold
Deposit a minimum placement of RM10,000 into your RHB CASA/-i and
maintain it in your account for 4 months from date of placement.
Step 3
Increase Monthly Average Balance (MAB)
Earn additional entries by increasing your MAB every month.
Mode of Placement
Online Registration
This mode is as simple as you ensuring you have deposited fresh funds into your RHB CASA/-i
and our RHB personnel will contact you to perform the hold placement.
Placement at Branch
Not able to make your placement online?
Don’t worry, just visit any RHB branch and our RHB personnel will assist you accordingly.

Kindly click here to find the branch nearest to you.
Don’t have a an RHB Current or Savings Account/-i?
Apply Now

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