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Exclusively for you! With every DuitNow Transfer, DuitNow QR, Overseas Transfer or even bill payment via JomPAY that you perform in the next few months, you could win cashback. So, keep your transactions going to get closer to winning.

Campaign Period: 1 June 2024 – 31 December 2024

Earn your rewards in two simple steps


Perform any of the eligible transactions for 3 consecutive months to get RM30 cashback.

2,500 winners



Continue your transactions for another 3 consecutive months to earn an additional RM30 cashback.

1,500 winners


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Eligible transactions are DuitNow Transfer, DuitNow QR, JomPAY and Overseas Transfer performed via RHB Online Banking or Mobile Banking. Kindly maintain a minimum of RM1,000 balance in your account during the campaign period to be eligible for the cashback.

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