Over RM88,000 worth of prizes to be won
when you make a remittance with RHB.

Sending money home via our Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT) or Western Union (WU)
just got more rewarding, complete with Grab e-vouchers and cash prizes that are yours for the taking.
All you have to do is remit more to your loved ones to receive more love from us!

Campaign Period:
3 May 2021 – 2 November 2021

Stand to win Grab
e-vouchers when you accumulate your remittances

  • Level Accumulated
    1 RM25,000 RM15
    Grab e-voucher
    2 RM50,000 RM25
    Grab e-voucher
    3 RM75,000 RM35
    Grab e-voucher
    4 RM125,000 RM50
    Grab e-voucher
  • Level No. of Winners
    Season 1
    (3 May - 2 Aug '21)
    Season 2
    (3 Aug - 2 Nov '21)
    1 1,000 1,000
    2 500 500
    3 250 250
    4 50 50

Be one of the Top 3 Grand Prize Cash Winners

Accumulate your remittances throughout each Season 1 and Season 2. The more you remit, the more rewarding
it gets. The ones with the highest accumulated remittance amounts will be in the running for the Top 3 cash prizes.

Season 1
(3 May - 2 Aug 2021)
X 1 winner X 1 winner X 1 winner
Season 2
(3 Aug - 2 Nov 2021)
X 1 winner X 1 winner X 1 winner

Benefits to remit
with RHB Bank

Winning Grab e-vouchers and cash prizes is just the start. With RHB, you enjoy many other benefits too.

Where can you send your FTT and WU to?

You can send your money via Foreign Telegraphic Transfer and Western Union to your loved ones
around the world*. There will be service fees which will vary for outward (over-the-counter)
and inward transfers. To view the full charges,
click here.

Who should use this
remittance service:


Send money to your children studying overseas for their tuition fees, living expenses and school supplies.


Transfer your earnings to your family back home to use or save.

Business Owners

Make payments in different currencies worldwide where you do business.


Transfer money in any foreign currency to foreign corporations of your choice.

Make a Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT) or
Western Union (WU) transaction with RHB today.

Transact at your nearest
RHB branch


Alternatively, make the transaction via RHB Now Internet Banking