Build a better business with
RHB Reflex Premium Plus.
When your business is your passion, you’ll empower your business with all it needs to succeed.
RHB Reflex Premium Plus helps you manage the tedious aspects of your financial, sales, accounting, people management and other processes, so you won’t get side-tracked in keeping up with daily business processes.
The all-in-one financial management solution is designed to ease and automate your daily operations as well as Accounting & HR-related transactions, so you can focus on growing your business exponentially.
Focus on growing your business exponentially.
Do what you do best and leave the rest to us.
Building better
financial forecast.
Designed for business owners like you, RHB Reflex Premium Plus comes equipped with integrated solutions to help you manage your accounting tasks easily, so you can save time with less documents, and more time to build your company’s growth.
Accounting Solution
Account Payable
Save time and reduce potential error by initiating supplier payment in Financio that triggers alerts and approval requests from your RHB Reflex Mobile App.
Bank Balance
View live bank balance anytime through your mobile or desktop.
Automate reconciliation via 2-way bank feeds to cut down on manual & tedious process of cross-checking each accounting entry with your bank transaction.
View all your financial data in one holistic view. Make faster and clearer business decisions with clear insights from your current business performance.
Building better
people management.
When your employees are well taken care of, your business is likely to flourish as well. Simplify the repetitive and mind-numbing HR tasks with an online platform that works via RHB Reflex Premium Plus so you can manage your leave, payroll and statutory payments efficiently and get more done with less work required.
Human Resource Solution

& easy
The interface is designed to be user-friendly so that non-HR professionals can use it right away.
Manage staff profiles, payrolls and leaves on a single dashboard.
Cuts down on long processes.
Updated with the latest Employment Act and statutory regulations in Malaysia.
Building better
inventory management.
Having all the right resources to keep track of your operations helps to lower your cost of running a business tremendously. Manage your retail business with a well-integrated POS system between RHB Reflex Premium and our POS partner that changes the way you do business for the better.
ePos Management

Quick &
Simple Setup
Easily import product and get up and running in no time.
POS System
Easy access to real-time information and live sales through your laptop or mobile device.
Fully automated and integrated, gain immediate insights on your best selling products through real-time reports.
Easy Data
Link your RHB MPOS Terminal for Cards payments and Accounting Software for easy sales data reconciliation.
Building better
education businesses
with borderless solutions.
While the education business opens up a world of learning opportunities, having the right resources at your fingertips helps to simplify management while making education more accessible. The seamless integration between RHB Reflex Premium Plus and iKEY lets you focus on growing your education business and make handling administration a total breeze.
Education Ecosystem
Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)
Personalised announcements, students’ worksheets and progress reports all in one mobile app.
View collection aging report and trigger invoice via mobile app with in app payment function.
Allows you to upload billing information, download collection data, trigger payment request alerts.
Easy Access
to Reports
Get immediate access to the progress & management reports.
Empower your business with our solutions.
Get the RHB Reflex Premium Plus basic package for
only RM50/month
(includes Accounting and HR Solutions)
Accounting Solution
+ Centralised Account Payable
+ Real-Time Bank Balance
+ Automated Reconciliation
+ Accounting Dashboard
HR Solution
+ Simple & easy
+ Central dashboard
+ Saves time
+ Regulatory compliance
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Run your business smoothly with an end-to-end point-of-sales (POS) system.
Minimise the administration works in your schools with RHB’s banking platform integrated with a business education management system.
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