Whether you run a restaurant or retail store, having the right support to keep track of all your operations can help you lower your cost of running a business, all while increasing productivity.

StoreHub is an operating system designed for omni-channel retail and F&B businesses that functions to keep a close eye on your stores, and lets you enjoy a complete and seamless view of all your business outlets wherever you are.

Our RHB Reflex system and POS software integrations also helps you save hours of manual operations, transfer inventory seamlessly with a multi-store management software that changes the way you do business.


Save hours of manual operations with a POS system that
helps you keep your stores in check, anytime and anywhere.

Real-Time Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your best selling products through real-time reports.

Offline Protection

WiFi down? Our auto-offline mode will ensure your store will keep running seamlessly.

Quick & Simple Setup

Easily import products and get up and running in no time.

Automatic Updates

The latest software updates available to you at no extra cost.

Identify And Move Dead Stock

Find out which items are underperforming to free up your cashflow.

Never Run Out Of Your
Bestselling Items

Get automatic low stock alerts to ensure you never run out of your top sellers.

Manage Your Supplier Relationships

Send/Print purchase orders directly to your suppliers from StoreHub.

View/Transfer Inventory Across
Multiple Stores

Share stock information across multiple stores so you never lose a sale again.

Track Buyer Activity

Identify and learn from your customers’ spending habits.

Discounts & Promotions

Give out offers and set promotions at any time.

Customisable Receipts

Personalise receipts with taxes, customised messages and logos.

POS software that makes
running your business easier

RM50/per month

RHB Reflex Premium Plus Package includes:

  • Accounting-Financio Software
  • Payroll-Talenox Software



for StoreHub POS Solution

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Empower your business with total integration and
we’ll take care of all your business management needs.

Accounting Solutions

Get more done with less work using our accounting solutions.


Financio is designed for micro/small business owners and non-accountants and brings small business accounting automation to Malaysia.

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HR Solutions

Free yourself from managing repetitive, mind-numbing tasks with our HR Solutions.


Experience the friendliest, automated HR software on the cloud. With a self-serve system, managing your payroll and leave has never been easier.

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We simplify HR by providing you with a HR & Payroll system that integrates your employees, issue payrolls, database and platforms all in one place with RHB Reflex.

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Education Solution

Ease your daily administrative tasks and focus on what you do best with our education solutions.


iKEY is a central organisational hub that makes education more accessible by allowing all administration, learning, teaching and assessment to happen in one place.

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Supporting business owners like you with
all the complete
solutions you need.

There’s more to enjoy with RHB Reflex Premium Plus. As your banking ally, we’re here to help you empower all your business needs with our versatile suite of products and services.

RHB Merchant Terminal

We fast forward your business by making it easier for you to accept payments, so you can carry out business transactions easily, wherever you are.

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RHB Corporate Card

Here’s a streamlined and safe way to pay for your business expenses where you also get to enjoy business purchases that are more efficient and rewarding.

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RHB Insurance

Run your business with total peace of mind and enjoy a wide variety of insurance for untoward incidents or mishandling that could take place in the course of work.

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