15 September 2020

RHB Loan/Financing Payment Assistance Clinics

Let us lend a helping hand and ease your financial concerns

The Moratorium period will end on 30 September 2020. If you anticipate difficulties in paying your monthly instalments at the end of the Moratorium period, we strongly encourage you to attend our payment assistance clinics to discuss mutually feasible payment arrangements.

Date: 19 & 26 September and 3 & 4 October 2020
Time: 9.00 am - 2.00 pm
Location: Branches list

Kindly come prepared with the necessary documents as indicated below so that we may process your applications immediately.

Individual customers:

Customers who have lost their jobs / incomeCustomers who suffered a salary / income reduction
Documents required:Documents required:
Salaried Individuals
  • Letter of termination OR Letter from Employer stating unpaid leave for a minimum term of 3 months on full salary
  • Latest EPF statement (i-Akaun) showing no EPF contribution OR
  • Statutory declaration by customer(s)
Salaried Individuals
  • Letter of salary revision OR
  • Latest EPF statement (i-Akaun) showing reduction in EPF contribution
  • 2 months’ salary slip for comparison (before & after salary reduction)
  • Statutory declaration by customer(s)
Self-employed Individuals
  • Proof of business closure / winding up OR
  • Statutory declaration by customer(s)
Self-employed Individuals
  • Latest 6 months Bank statements OR
  • Statutory declaration by customer(s)
Other forms of Loan / Financing Payment Assistance programs for Individual customers who are experiencing payment difficulties:
Documents required:Documents required:
Salaried Individuals
  • Latest 1-month salary slip OR
  • Latest 1-month commission statement OR
  • Latest EPF statement
Self-employed Individuals
  • Latest 3 months personal / company bank statements evidencing self-employment income
Customers who do not have the documents listed above may submit other types of income documents to support their applications, including:
  • Dependent income document (spouse / parents / children)
  • FD interest / profit, Dividend, Rental Income etc.
  • Assets under management (AUM): Current Account / Savings Account / Quoted Shares / Unencumbered Unit Trust
  • Statutory declaration by customer(s)

SME customers:
SMEs who would like to seek further assistance are also encouraged to visit our clinics. Please bring along the following documents:

  • Latest 6-month Bank statement
  • Latest audited accounts

Note: In addition to the list above, other supplementary documents may be required on a case-to-case basis once the application process begins. We will assess your current financial circumstances, and advise you on the most suitable solution for your loan / financing facilities with us.

We look forward to assisting you.