Manage your business expenses efficiently.
The RHB Purchasing Card/-i optimises procurement process by streamlining the purchase
and payment process. Enjoy the convenience of data consolidation and flexible on-demand
financing to manage your business expenses effectively and efficiently.
Here's how you can manage your procurement spends:
Greater Efficiency on Purchase Process and Spending
  • Company and suppliers can take advantage of a streamlined procure-to-pay process.
  • Accelerate the reconciliation process.
  • Suppliers enjoy the ease and expediency of payment acceptance and expedite delivery of goods.
  • Cost savings by eliminating cheque and paper invoices.
  • Empowering employee purchasing control and departmental expenses compliance.
Flexible On-Demand Financing
  • Manage and free up cash flow up to 50 days of charge-free period from the first transaction date. Having such immediate access to funds enables you to make payments to suppliers almost instantly.
Easier Control and Monitoring
  • Consolidation of transaction data to improve management audit and enhance analysis and expense reporting.
  • Centralised local and global spending.
  • Card administrator and cardholder can access transactions via RHB Reflex Online Cash Management.
Simplified Business Expense Management
  • Consolidate and monitor employer spending and purchasing information.
  • Analyse preferred vendor programmes.
Key Partners Promotions**
• Purchase any insurance coverage at RHB Insurance Bhd and receive additional 0.5% Cash Back on top of your agreed premium
Terms & Conditions
• Enjoy the AirAsia MyCorporate package, where you can enjoy Xpress Boarding, Complimentary Seat Selection, Complimentary 20kg Baggage, Free Unlimited Change of Flights and many more privileges
Terms & Conditions
• Enjoy 6 % rebate and additional 6% corporate discount on your 1st unit of BMW/Mini
Terms & Conditions
Who can apply for this card?
SME, Commercial and Corporate customers can
apply for the RHB Purchasing Card/-i.
Required documents for application:
  • Photocopies of Nominee's NRIC / Passport & Visa (for expatriates)
  • Copy of Certification of Incorporation of Private Company (previously known as Form 9), Return of Allotment of Shares (previously known as Form 24) and Return Giving Particulars in Register of Directors, Managers and Secretaries and Changes of Particulars (previously known as Form 49)
  • Latest 6 months company bank statements
  • Latest 1 year financial statement
  • 3rd party mandate (optional)
  • Board of Directors' Resolution (for limited / private limited companies)
  • Letter of Authorisation (partnership companies)
  • Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) & Constitution (limited companies)
Visit the RHB Bank Branch / RHB Islamic Bank Branch / Commercial Business Banking Centre nearest to you and speak to our Relationship / Business Development Managers to find out more and apply.

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