In collaboration with RHB Trustees Bhd, we’ll help you secure the future for your loved ones. Enjoy 15% off* on Will/Wasiat Writing and Trustee services, exclusive for RHB Premier customers.

It’s in our culture to ensure the next generation is well taken care of through our efforts in this lifetime, and you can manage this efficiently through proper estate planning. Your Estate Manager can guide you in planning your estate through RHB Trustee Berhad’s Will/Wasiat Writing and Trustee Services.


What is a Will/Wasiat?

A Will/Wasiat is a legal document that states your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets (bank balance, property, shares, etc.) and the guardianship of any minor children.

Why do I need a Will/Wasiat?

A Will/Wasiat clearly states who gets what, and how much should be allocated to each individual or organisation upon your demise. This ensures that your assets will benefit those you intended them for. Your beneficiaries can also avoid messy legal disputes that can strain relationships and cause emotional distress.


What is a Trust?

A Trust is a legal document that gives responsibility to a Trustee to manage and preserve trust property.

Why do I need a Trust?

A Trust ensures that your assets will be used as efficiently as possible to meet your wishes for yourself and your loved ones. It protects your assets from unforeseen creditors and can be used to increase tax efficiency. A Trust can also protect your assets from probate, which can be financially and emotionally draining for your family.

Services offered by RHB Premier


  • Conventional Will Writing
  • Islamic Wasiat Writing


  • Appointment of Executor and Trustee
  • Lifetime Custody
  • Insurance/Takaful Trust
  • Private Purpose Trust

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