Covid SME Restructuring & Rescheduling Survey Form

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Company name

1. From Oct 2020 onwards I want RHB to:

Allow me to service only my loan Interest until March 2021
Help me restructure my monthly loan instalments
I may potentially have to cease my business operations in 2020
No assistance required

2. My sales has dropped by:

More than 50%
50% or less
No impact

3. My collection period has increased by:

More than 30 days
30 days or less
No impact

4. The time taken to sell my goods increased by:

More than 30 days
30 days or less
No impact

5. I managed to cut costs (rental/salary/electricity etc) by:

More than 30%
30% or less
Did not cut costs

6. I have injected additional capital into the company:


7. How long do you think it will take for your business to return to normal?

More than 12 months (after June 2021)
6-12 months
Less than 6 months

8. I have the BNM’s Special Relief Facility (SRF) with RHB:

Didn’t Apply

Note: If your company name contains “&”, please replace it with text format as “and”.