Introducing RHB EduGo,
an all‑encompassing education ecosystem
for the benefit of educators, parents and students.
We believe that education is the foundation of the future.
That's why we have developed RHB EduGo, an all‑in‑one education ecosystem that
helps make the education of children smooth and seamless.
is a suite of banking products and digital solutions that brings great benefit to all; for the education institution, for the teachers and parents, and ultimately, for the students. It is our hope that together, we can raise, nurture and educate the next generation of leaders.
  • For School/Learning
    Centre Administrators
  • For Teachers
  • For Students
  • For Parents

For School/Learning Centre Administrators

Are you
a school/learning centre administrator?
Running an education institution has its challenges. Day‑to‑day operations, such as payroll, invoicing, fees collection need your attention. RHB EduGo will help automate the repetitive tasks, making running of the school a lot smoother.
Educational Systems Platform
A platform that provides digital solutions for back‑end management as well as apps to collect school fees and other payments.
Cashless ecosystem
Receive cashless payments for food, school supplies, and fees.
RHB Joy@Work
Automated payroll solution to manage salary payout to teachers and staff in a timely manner while enjoying exclusive benefits.

Click here to find out more about RHB Joy@Work.
Preferential rates for merchants
Preferential rates for bookstores and canteen operators that offer DuitNow QR and contactless payment terminals.

For Teachers

Are you
a teacher?
Teaching is one of the most honourable professions. With RHB EduGo's suite of banking products and digital solutions, it can be even more rewarding.
RHB Joy@Work
Credit your monthly salary into RHB Smart Account/‑i to enjoy returns up to 5.35%* p.a. and other exclusive benefits.

Click here to find out more about RHB Joy@Work.
Perks and benefits
Enjoy preferential pricing for personal banking products such as RHB Credit Cards/‑i, Personal Financing/‑i, Vehicle Financing/‑i, Life Insurance and more.

For Students

Are you
a student?
There's lots to learn as a student. With RHB EduGo, you get to learn about good saving habits as well.
Cashless ecosystem
Cashless payments for food, books and school supplies using your student card.
Attractive returns on your savings
Open an RHB Junior Savings Account or RHB Children Account-i that pays as high as 1 month Term Deposit with initial deposit and debit card/-i issuance fee waived today.
Free Personal Accident Insurance/ Takaful coverage
Complimentary Personal Accident Insurance/Takaful up to RM50,000 coverage subject to minimum account balance of RM500.

For Parents

Are you
a parent?
As a parent, you only want what's best for your child. RHB EduGo keeps you on top of your child's educational progress and lets you earn potentially good returns too.
Easy school fee payment
Receive invoices and pay school fees via online anytime, anywhere.
Keep track of your child's progress
Announcements, attendance reports, as well as child's spending can be monitored via the app.
Preferential rates
Earn returns up to 5.35%* p.a when you credit salary, pay, spend, finance, trade, convert or invest with RHB Smart Account/‑i and an additional 0.10% p.a preferential rate for fixed/term deposit.

Click here to find out more about RHB Smart Account/‑i.

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