The Mala Hotpot Investing Theory: Diversifying for the Right Mix

Imagine this: a flavourful broth simmering away in a pot. You can just hear it in the light bubbles breaking the surface, a soft whisper echoing years of tradition. A recipe handed down from generation to generation, woven between stories of youthful adventures and sombre hardships set in the time and place of our predecessors. The steam wafts in soft tendrils, beckoning you.

What’s the perfect combination, though? The magic of a mala hotpot is that it is all about you. How long you want your ingredients to simmer, how spicy your soup should be, it all depends on you.

When you really think about it, the mala hotpot experience is a lot like building a portfolio. There is no one right way to do it, just what’s right for you. While you are feasting on a hotpot meal with your loved ones this Chinese New Year, picture what your diversified portfolio will look like.

Some like it hot

We can break down the elements that make up the mala hotpot experience and draw parallels to investing. First, there’s the soup, which reflects your level of risk. Some can tolerate more risk and want the spice to burn a hole in their tongues, while some like a more subtle approach with a milder soup. Others might play it safe and choose a clear soup with no surprises. Your choice of soup will directly impact the flavour of the ingredients you put into it, much like how your risk profile determines your goals.

An example of a clear soup is CIMB Principal Life Bond Fund, which aims to provide regular income as well as medium to long-term capital appreciation through investments primarily in Malaysian bonds. For a slightly spicier experience, you could opt for mixed asset funds like RHB Asian Income or RHB Global Shariah Dynamic Income. 

If equities are more your flavour, spice it up with mix-core funds like RHB Global Shariah Equity Index Fund or RHB Sustainable Global Thematic Fund.

RHB Global Shariah Equity Index Fund focuses on large caps in the US equity market, and is benchmarked against the Dow Jones Islamic Market Titans 100 Index. The fund mirrors the index’s sector allocation, with a 45% allocation in the technology sector.

Meanwhile RHB Sustainable Global Thematic Fund is a SRI (Sustainable and Responsible Investment) fund which bases its investments on areas which are align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The fund’s portfolio is built around forward looking secular investment themes for example electric vehicles, digital health data, DNA sequencing and others. Both funds are broad base in nature which invest into global equity market.

Or, if you feel your spice tolerance is up to par, you can opt for investments in a single sector or country. RHB US Focus Fund is for investors with a medium to high risk appetite who are seeking capital gains from investments in smaller to medium-sized US companies. RHB Shariah China Focus Fund has a similar approach, but through investments in China shariah-compliant equities.

If you can’t decide what sort of soup you want, have them all! Divide your pot into three separate sections for Hot, Mild, and Clear soup, representing Aggressive, Moderate, and Conservative approaches. Still not right? Combine the soups to get the in-between levels of spiciness – Moderately Conservative and Moderately Aggressive. Explore the entire spectrum of spiciness to get the level you want.

Still, no matter which type of soup you choose, each type has been prepared with the utmost care, from stock that spent hours on the stove to reach balanced perfection. That’s how much care your fund manager takes in preparing your “soup”, putting their skills and experience into ensuring you meet your financial goals.

Diversified ingredients in your “pot”folio

The more varied your ingredients, the more delicious your hotpot.

The number of additional ingredients you put into your soup reflects the different types of investments or assets in your portfolio. For example, meat could represent bonds. A vital element in the mala hotpot experience, you can’t overlook the meat part of the meal. However, it can’t just be a meat hotpot. That would be sad and boring. What if the meat doesn’t taste as sweet as you envisioned? There would be nothing else to eat.

That’s where the vegetables come in. Lotus root, mushrooms, spinach, the humble kangkong - all the different assets that make up your portfolio. Are you thinking of diversifying into another region? How about some tofu? Each individual ingredient brings its own unique contribution, adding flavours and textures to the landscape of your soup.

Let the ingredients mingle for a while. How long you leave it in could represent your investment time frame. Whether it’s quick dip in a spicy soup, or a long and slow simmer in a clear broth, each method will bring about a different end result.

Before you eat your concoction, there’s the condiments. We cannot forget how important the dipping sauce is in the mala hotpot experience. While you can do without, who can really say no to a little extra something to take it to the next level? Tactical investments in a niche sector can boost your returns. They are the dipping sauce that you simply cannot discount.

The dipping sauces for your portfolio can be RHB Asia Sustainable Leaders Fund which is aimed at investors with a high risk tolerance who seek capital appreciation over the medium to long-term from investments in a diversified portfolio of Asian ESG-compliant companies. TA Asia Absolute Alpha Fund is another option. The fund’s objective is to generate long-term positive returns through investment in Asian equities and related instruments.

But wait, there’s more. A little dessert would help complete the mala hotpot experience. Investments are moving towards environmental, social, and governance, with a focus on low-carbon/fossil fuel-free assets. RHB Climate Change Solutions Fund provides a diversified exposure through a combination of of fundamental and sector-specific insights, using artificial intelligence, data, and research. The portfolio of between 50 to 100 stocks is developed through a combination of fundamental and sector-specific insights.

Since we are at the start of 2022, it’s a good time to reassess your existing portfolio to add more flavour, or give it a little kick. If it’s your first time building a portfolio, your Relationship Manager will be happy to show you how to best diversify your investments.

Your portfolio is your mala hotpot, and the combination of ingredients is up to you. The result is the fruit of your labour. Take a bite, and savour the taste!

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