Would you rather focus on growing your education
business or on handling routine administrative tasks?

Now you don’t have to choose.
The education business offers a world of learning opportunities and having an automated software to relieve
you from mundane undertakings can also lead you to drive your business to greater efficiency.
Automate administration, reconciliation and fees collection with RHB Reflex Premium Plus for Education.
RHB Reflex Premium Plus’ seamless integration with iKEY EDUTECH provides one complete solution you need by digitising and automating administration, fees collection, e-invoicing, accounting & reconciliation, as well as human resource and business performance tracking.
Take your education business
to the next level through Automation and Digital transformation.
With full automation of school administration, it turns managing your education on businesses beyond all its normal conventions. RHB Reflex Premium Plus for Education frees up your time to focus more on growing your businesses towards your goals.
click invoicing.
Issuance of invoices get easier with
digitised invoicing. No more tedious,
manual updates and filings. Seamless fees
collection from customers as it takes only
one‑click for payments made within the
iKEY’s Parents Mobile Application.
<span>One</span><br/>click invoicing.
Play button
View your business account book balanced
instantly alongside all your other
education business transaction activities.
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Keep track
of business performance.
Get a comprehensive look at your
overall business to keep your
education business going.
<span>Keep track</span><br/>of business performance.
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It all starts here.
With RHB Reflex Premium Plus.
RHB Reflex Premium Plus
An all-round education business management solution.
Automate and digitalise your education businesses with RHB Reflex Premium Plus. Be in control of your cash management with RHB Reflex, accelerate your payment collection with Ringgit Pay, enjoy hassle-free education management with iKEY EDUTECH, automate accounting processes with Financio, and digitalise e-PaySlips & payroll with Talenox.
As your business takes off, we’re here to help you keep everything in place with proven security features.
An e-Banking platform for your cash and trade transactions, designed to help you
streamline your day-to-day work processes.
Push notification
Receive notification on your
payments with RHB Reflex
mobile app.
at your fingertips
Allows you to inquire on your account balances and activities.
Payment Channel
Allows you to perform fund
transfers from your own
group of accounts and to
3rd party accounts.
iKey Education
iKEY is a comprehensive system developed that provides the following services:
Logo Centre Management System Centre Management System:
Digitalised your administration to improve efficiency, go paperless, and increase interaction time with students and parents.
Logo Parents Mobile Application Parents Mobile Application:
Parents will be able to track their child’s learning progress, obtain timely update from the education centres/school on announcement, photos and attendance. Most importantly, one click on mobile application to make fees payment to schools/centres.
Logo Teachers Mobile Application Teachers Mobile Application:
Keep the teachers updated with all centralised announcements. Also marks student attendance via the mobile application.
Works together with iKey as a financing gateway to ease your reconciliation works and reflect instant updates from payments onto RHB Reflex.
Human Resources processes done gracefully and effortlessly to minimise tedious monthly payroll, annual-leaves-tracking and statistics updates.
Early sign-up rewards.
Get everything automated now.
RHB invites you to a fully convenient journey to build better education businesses. Be the first 100 to sign up and stand to win a complimentary
Microsoft Surface Go
Microsoft Surface Go
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6 January 2021 to 30 June 2021
RHB Reflex Premium Plus
for Education
+ Financio
+ Talenox
Monthly subscription.
Includes Financio for Accounting
and Talenox for Payroll management
+ iKey Edutech
One-time subscription.
Includes web-based dashboard
and complimentary mobile apps installation
3 Months Fee Waiver^
For first 1000 sign-ups
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