Fraud Awareness

What is Fraud?
Fraud is the criminal intention to deceive, cheat or trick someone, whether a person or an entity to gain an advantage such as money, power, authority and materials.
What is Financial Fraud?
Financial Fraud is fraud involving financial transactions. It is normally committed through the financial system such as banks, insurance companies, stock broking houses, finance companies etc. These frauds are committed using the financial system's product and services mainly affecting account holders and/or customers.
Target Victims
Anyone can be a target victim. However, most victims are those who are gullible or greedy.
How to Avoid being a Victim?
  • Follow the simple rule of 'if it is too good to be true it normally is'
  • Do not perform transaction on websites opened via email links
  • Ensure your cheque book is kept safe. Do not pass your cheque book to anyone
  • Do not compromise your ATM PIN, UserID, Password, security documents (such as identity card, legal documents, etc) or other personal identification tags
  • Always ensure that all credit card transactions are performed in front of you. Do not let the card get out of sight
  • Inform Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) if you have lost your identity documents or believe your identity documents could have been compromised (after lodging a police report)
  • Always deal directly with your banker or autho rised agents. If not sure, check with your banker, authorised agents or relevant authorities
What to Do When You Suspect Fraud?
Contact the following:
  • RHB Customer Care
  • 03 - 9206 8118 or 082 - 276 118 (East Malaysia), or email, if it relates to RHB
  • Polis Diraja Malaysia
  • BNMTELELINK at 1 300 88 5465
  • Your banker, if it relates to other banks
  • Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) at 1 300 88 9980