RHB Bank Berhad (“RHB Banking Group” or “the Group”) formally embarked on its sustainability journey in 2018 and institutionalised the Group Sustainability Framework (“Sustainability Framework” or “the Framework”) in 2019.

Our sustainability vision is towards Building a Sustainable Future. The Framework comprises of three thematic pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Sustainable & Responsible Banking, speaks of our role as a financial institution by integrating ESG considerations into our business strategies, as well as lending, advisory and investment decision-making activities;

  • Pillar 2: Embedding Good Practices, aims to foster sustainable practices and responsible behavior amongst our employees across the Group by injecting responsible values into our strategy and goals, policies, existing tools and processes, as well as product design and operations;

  • Pillar 3: Enriching & Empowering Communities describes our aim to create a long-term positive impact on the communities within which we operate through our community engagement initiatives spearheaded by RHB Foundation.

The Framework outlines the Group’s approach to better respond to changing stakeholder concerns, consider the wider context of market conditions and measure value or impact. To learn more on our Group Sustainability Framework and the appro
ach we are taking towards embedding sustainable practices into our business and operations, please view our Approach to Sustainability through the link below.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Sustainable and Responsible Finance

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainability Reports

RHB's Net Zero Commitment and Strategy