Retail Trader / Wholesaler

The business world is constantly evolving and regardless of the industry that you are in, it is vital to stay relevant, especially if you are looking at expanding your operations.

Through the experience and expertise gained over the years, we are here to help you overcome the hurdles and focus on new ventures as you reach for greater heights.

Financial & Local/Cross-Border Services

Expand your business further with our banking services and cross-border facilities.

RHB Multi Currency Account

Enables you to receive foreign currencies directly into your account and offers favourable exchange rates for your export and import transactions.

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RHB Domestic Trade Services

Looks into the smooth operations of your business by offering payment guarantees and documents of credit.

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RHB Financial Supply Chain

Secures and manages resources between Suppliers and Buyers to help you plan and manage your finances better.

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Financial Services & Trade Solutions

Maximise your cash flow and manage your risk exposure with our suite of financial services and special relief facilities.

RHB Purchasing Card

Frees up cash flow with a charge-free period of up to 50 days from the first transaction date. It also offers convenient data consolidation to help you manage your business purchases effectively.

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RHB Domestic Trade Financing

Helps to facilitate your local business transactions with a wide range of financial services.

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RHB Export Trade Services

Offers a host of banking facilities that will lend credibility and strength to your foreign trade transactions.

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Discover new ways of getting more work done everyday

RHB Reflex Premium Plus helps to build better business efficiency.

As your ally, helping you grow your business to new heights is our top priority. With RHB Reflex Premium Plus, we’ll sort out your financial, sales, accounting, people management and other processes so you can focus on giving your business your all.

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View real-time bank balance and make payment directly from Financio then automated reconciliation to RHB Reflex.


Kakitangan / Talenox works via RHB Reflex Premium Plus to manage leave, payroll and statutory payments.


Take credit card payments on the go via MPOS where the collections are directly linked to your Business Current Account.

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Only Deposit products are protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor. Click here for PIDM’s DIS brochure.