Islamic Banking Services

Your financial well-being starts with RHB’s Islamic Banking
Start your journey to financial growth with RHB’s comprehensive
Shariah-compliant solutions.


Account Finder

Try our account finder feature to find what suits your needs best.

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Savings Account-i

Watch your money grow with our Shariah-compliant products.

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Current Account-i

Complete current account solutions for your Islamic banking needs.

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Qard Multi Currency Current Account-i

Deposit and withdraw on demand in foreign currencies.

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Term Deposit

Reap better returns and a longer tenure with your term deposits.

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RHB Joy@Work

Discover the different ways in which you can enjoy amazing privileges when you choose to credit your monthly earnings into our salary crediting account.

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RHB Joy@Uni

Comes with the MySiswa Debit Card-i which also serves as a student ID that allows students to enjoy a host of preferential discounts.

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Home/Property Financing‑i

A range of Islamic financing solutions that are dependable and flexible with extensive coverage.

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Term Financing‑i Collateralized by ASB Certificate

Pledge ASB certificates for Islamic Term Financing and enjoy better rates.

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Auto Financing‑i

Financing with fixed or variable rates, according to your preferences.

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Personal Financing‑i

Flexible financing with competitive rates.

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Business Financing‑i

We know every business is unique. Trust us to grow yours.

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Islamic Share Margin Financing

Boost your investment potential through leveraging

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Trade Financing

Complete Islamic trade financing for your business growth.

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Trade Services

Expert, experienced and well-networked. Our Islamic solutions are designed to augment growth.

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Unit Trust

Trust in us. And grow.

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Restricted Investment Account-i (RIA-i)

Invest your money and enjoy higher return than normal deposit

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Islamic Structured Investment Linked to Index (Islamic SILX)

Enjoy a potential yield enhancement from a Shariah compliant Structured Product linked to Index

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For Young Parents

Every parent seeks a secure future for their children, so plan early. Secure your child’s higher education plans because big dreams are achieved this way.

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For Motorist

Comprehensive protection on the road.

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For Your Savings

Enjoy peace of mind and financial security for a coverage term of 15 years with Takaful mySmart Income Plus.

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For Your Loved Ones

Ensure your loved ones are taken care of with a basic Takaful protection plan that is affordable and easy to understand with myTenangCare.

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For Your Flexibility

Takaful myLife Enriched is a flexible, regular contribution Takaful plan that lets you design your protection according to your priorities.

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For Your Family

Takaful myLindung PA is a personal accident plan which provides compensation for you or your family in the event of injury, disability or death and including death due to Covid-19.

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For Your Legacy

Takaful mySmart Invest is a single-contribution investment-linked plan designed to enhance your wealth through investments while also safeguarding your family's financial security.

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Wasiat Writing Services

We’ll help you to plan ahead so you can allocate your property and wealth to the right people in your life.

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Private Trustee Services

Preserve your wealth and ensure that it is passed on to the right people at a chosen time.

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Protect investors and ensure their investments are safeguarded.

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Corporate Sukuk

Plan and determine what you would like to do with your sukuk or bonds once they mature.

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Enjoy exclusive benefits with RHB Joy@Work