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1.  Am I eligible for the moratorium?
All loan/financing customers (except credit card) are eligible for the moratorium with below criteria:
  • Accounts are not in arrears exceeding 90 days as at 1 April 2020; and
  • Denominated in Malaysia Ringgit
2.  How do I enroll/apply?
All loan/financing customers (except credit card) that meets the criteria in Question 1 will automatically qualify for the deferment.
3.  I want to opt-out from the moratorium, how can I do that?
If you wish to opt-out from this moratorium and continue paying your loan/financing payment, please send us the information below via e-Form or SMS before 10th of the month*:



Type RHBOPTOUT <space> last 4-digit IC number <space> last 4-digit loan/financing account number and send to 66300
Example of SMS: RHBOPTOUT 1122 4589


a) Please send a separate SMS for each loan/financing payment you wish to opt-out. After opt out, please continue to make payment to your loan/financing accounts.

Opt-out before 10 April 2020:
b) Requests received BEFORE 10 April 2020 will take effect in April 2020. Your Standing Instruction will be reinstated accordingly in the current month, e.g. Requests received before 10th April 2020, Standing Instruction (SI) will be reinstated in the month of April 2020.

Opt-out after 10 April 2020:
c) Requests received BEFORE 10th of the current month will take effect the following month, e.g. Requests received BEFORE the 10th of May 2020, Standing Instruction (SI) will be reinstated in the month of June 2020.

d) Requests received AFTER 10th of the current month will take effect after 2 months, e.g. Requests received AFTER 10th of May 2020, Standing Instruction (SI) will be reinstated in the month of July 2020.
4.  What should I do if I usually make loan/financing payment via Self Service Terminal / Over-the-Counter at RHB branches?
You may stop making your loan/financing payment as we will automatically enroll you for the 6 months moratorium.

However, if you wish to opt-out from the moratorium, please follow the opt-out process stated in Question 3.
5.  What should I do if the payment for my loan/financing (except credit card) is through Standing Instruction (SI) via RHB current/savings account which was earlier self-arranged at RHB branches?
We will automatically suspend the SI effective 1 April 2020 and payment will be stopped throughout the moratorium period.

If you have opted out as stated in Question 3, your SI will continue paying your loan/financing account.
6.  What should I do if the payment for my loan/financing (except credit card) is through future dated/recurring transactions that I have setup in RHB Now Internet Banking?
If you wish to defer the payment or opt for the moratorium, please proceed to cancel future dated transactions by logging in to RHB Now Internet Banking and select either one of the following:

7.  If I have Standing Instruction for my loan/financing from other banks?
Please arrange to suspend your Standing Instruction with your respective bank.
8.  I have a loan/financing which is automatically deducted from my salary?
Please arrange to suspend your monthly payment with your respective HR.
9.  Would all new loan / financing disbursed after 1st April 2020 qualify for the moratorium?
The automatic moratorium is applicable for all outstanding loans/financing as at 1 April 2020. For new loans/financing approved or disbursed after 1 April 2020, the moratorium will not be automatic, and is subject to the bank’s assessment and approval.
10.  I am currently under AKPK program, will I be eligible as well?
If you are currently paying to AKPK, please reach out to them for assistance. If you are paying directly to the Bank, you are automatically eligible for this moratorium as long as your loan/financing not in arrears exceeding 90 days as at 1 April 2020.
11.  If I have less than 6 months remaining on my loan/financing, is it worth it to take the moratorium?
RHB does not charge compounding interest/profit. You will enjoy payment holiday for the remaining tenure during the moratorium period and continue with your instalment after the moratorium period.

Please take note that the interest/profit will continue to accrue (but not compounded) during the moratorium period.
12.  Would interest/profit continue to be compounded during the moratorium?
The interest/profit arising from the deferred payments of 6 months will not be compounded during the moratorium period.
13.  My loan/financing is in default, can I qualify? Are loans/financings under rescheduling & restructuring (R&R) program be eligible for the deferment package?
Yes, the automatic moratorium is applicable to loan/financing under R&R with arrears not exceeding 90 days as at 1 April 2020.
14.  If I have missed two months payment on my loan/financing account, will my CCRIS report continue to show 2 months in arrears when the payment deferment starts on 1 April 2020?
The account status as at 1 April 2020 remains unchanged throughout the deferment period.

In this case, your CCRIS report will continue to show 2 months in arrears until 30 September 2020, unless you fully settle the amount in arrears during the deferment period.
15.  Will this impact my ability to take new loan/financing later on?
Will the deferred payment be reflected in my CCRIS?
No. This deferment will not adversely affect your CCRIS records thus has no impact on new loan / financing later and will not be reflected in CCRIS.
16.  What if after the moratorium period and I still have trouble paying the loan/financing payment?
You can approach the bank for restructuring and rescheduling (R&R) after the moratorium period. The consequential extension of tenure arising from the automatic moratorium is allowed, subject to the maximum loan/financing tenures of 35 years for home financing.
17.  I may require restructuring /rescheduling (R&R) after the deferment period. Will the loan/financing be classified as R&R in CCRIS?
If the requests for R&R are received on or before 31 December 2020, the loan/financing will not be classified as R&R in CCRIS.

For requests received after 31 December 2020, the classification as R&R applies.
18.  If I have previously taken a moratorium package, am I eligible to apply for the new moratorium package?
The previous moratorium applicants at RHB are also eligible for the new moratorium program.
19.  I am currently paying interest/profit only as my purchased property is still under construction. How would this moratorium affect me later?
We advise for the deferred monthly progressive interest/profit accumulated to be settled before the loan/financing is fully released. Otherwise, payments meant for monthly instalment once the loan/financing is fully released will go towards settling the outstanding progressive interest/profit, resulting in lower payment towards reducing your principal balance.
20.  What would happen to my loan/financing after the moratorium period?

Will I need to pay more interest/profit after the moratorium period is over?
Is there an increase in monthly payments, or longer tenure?
The monthly instalment/payment amount will remain unchanged after the deferment period. However, the monthly instalment/payment will be adjusted should there be any revision of the Bank’s reference rates (i.e Base Rate/Base Lending Rate/Base Financing Rate) for variable rate loan/financing.

You will continue paying the same monthly instalment/payment1 with an additional tenure of 6 months2.

You may also contact us after the moratorium period if you want to arrange for other suitable payment plans that you can afford such as increased instalment/payment or further tenure extension2.

1The monthly instalment/payments will first be allocated to pay off all outstanding interest/profit. Payment will only be subsequently allocated to reduce the principal balance once all outstanding interest/profit has been paid.
2For new loan/financing that are approved/disbursed after 1 April 2020, additional tenure is subject to the maximum loan/financing tenure of 35 years.
21.  If I have made payment for April 2020 before 1 April 2020, but wish to enjoy the moratorium, what should I do?
If you would like to enjoy the moratorium, just stop making payment in the following months. You will then enjoy the moratorium for 5 months, from May 2020 to September 2020.

However, if you wish to opt-out from the moratorium, please follow the opt-out process stated in Question 3.
22.  My installment for March 2020 is due on 5th April 2020. Do I still need to pay for this?
If you are eligible, the moratorium will take effect from 5 April 2020 until 5 September 2020. Therefore, you need not pay for the 5 April 2020 due date. However, since the March 2020 instalment has already been billed to you, you may still see the payment becoming due on that date via RHB Now internet banking.

While we are updating the status of your financing account in April to effect the moratorium, we advise that you ignore this anomaly and continue to benefit from the moratorium for the remaining period.
23.  Would I still incur Fire insurance/Takaful renewal fee during this moratorium period?
Fire insurance/Takaful renewal fee will be incurred as usual.

For Conventional loan, the fire insurance premium will be capitalized to your loan principal balance.

For Islamic financing, the fire Takaful will be incurred for the renewal month as additional fee, to be paid only at the end of the moratorium period (in month 7).
24.  Is overdraft facility eligible for this moratorium?
Yes, only for overdraft facility where the balance is in excess of the approved limit, subject to meeting the criteria specified in Question 1.
25.  I have a combination of term loan/financing and overdraft facilities. Are both facilities eligible for the moratorium?
Yes, unless you choose to opt out from either one of the facilities.
26.  Would interest/profit continue to be charged to my overdraft account during the moratorium?
Interest/profit will continue to be calculated on the outstanding balance on a daily basis but this will only be charged to your overdraft account at the end of the moratorium. The interest/profit will not be compounded during the moratorium period.

During the moratorium period, your monthly statement will not show any interests/profits charged to the account. Instead, the total accumulated interest/profit will be reflected at the end of the moratorium period.
27.  I have an issue that is not covered here and I need to speak to an RHB staff about it. What should I do?
Contact our Customer Contact Centre at 03-9206 8118. You can also email us at with your queries.
This is an automatic deferment.

If you would like to continue your instalment as usual,
please inform us by filling up the form here.

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