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1.  What is the Personal Financing/-i automatic moratorium?
This moratorium provides temporary deferment, or suspension of payment, for RHB Personal Financing/-i (PF/-i) facilities for a period of six (6) months.

During this period, customers who meet the eligibility criteria are not required to make any payment on their facilities.
2.  Who is eligible for the automatic moratorium?
Customers whose accounts are not in arrears exceeding 90 days as at 1 April 2020 are eligible for the automatic moratorium.
3.  Do I need to apply for the moratorium?
No, the moratorium is automatic for customers who meet the eligibility criteria as stated in Q2 above.
4.  How long is the payment deferment period?
The payment deferment period is from 1 April 2020 to 30 September 2020 i.e. six (6) months.
5.  Will this deferment have any impact on my CCRIS records?
There will not be any impact on customers’ CCRIS records during the deferment period.

However, if the account is in arrears as at 1 April 2020, this status will remain unchanged until 30 September 2020, unless the overdue amounts are paid off during the deferment period.
6.  Is the Bank charging additional interest/profit during the moratorium period?
Interest/profit due on PF/-i facilities will continue to accrue throughout the moratorium period. The accrued interest/profit will not incur compounded interest/profit.
7.  What are my payment options for the six (6) months deferred instalments?
Customers can enjoy the moratorium and defer the payment of the instalments upon expiry of the moratorium. To facilitate this, you may maintain your instalment amount with your facility extended by up to six (6) months; or alternatively.

Customer may pay the 6 months deferred instalments at any time within your contractual tenure.

There will be no additional profits and no late payment charges.
8.  How can I choose not to participate in the automatic moratorium programme?
By default, all PF/-i accounts that meet the eligibility criteria will enjoy automatic deferment. However, if you do not wish to participate in the automatic moratorium, please submit your details via the enrolment form here.
9.  How can I make payment after I have chosen not to participate in this automatic moratorium programme?
If you have decided not to participate in the moratorium programme, you are required to continue with your monthly instalment payment via internet banking.
10.  I have chosen not to participate in the Moratorium Programme based on the earlier process. Do I need to submit a new request?
There is no need to submit a new request. We have received your instructions to not participate in this Programme. Please continue to pay your monthly instalments as usual.
11.  If I participate in the moratorium, will my PF tenure be automatically extended after the moratorium period?
Yes. The PF/-i tenure will be extended for six (6) months. However, you have the option to pay off the deferred instalments at any earlier time. Please refer to Question 7.
12.  If I am unable to pay all six (6) months deferred instalments in one lump sum, will it affect my CCRIS record and/or will legal action be taken against me?
No. Your CCRIS records would not be affected and no legal action will be taken either. This is as long as you continue to pay your current instalment from October 2020 onwards promptly, which includes the extended tenure or if the 6 months deferred instalments are cleared off at any time within the contractual tenure, which includes the accumulated accrued profit from the moratorium period.
13.  What are my options, if I have difficulty in paying the instalments after the moratorium period?
Please let us know if you face difficulties in meeting payments after the 6-month moratorium period by contacting us at:
This is an automatic deferment.

If you would like to continue your instalment as usual,
please inform us by filling up the form here.

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