Up to RM4,500 cashback could be yours, when your customers use DuitNow QR.

It’s your business, let your customers earn you cashback. With DuitNow QR, the more transactions you receive from your customers, the more cashback you earn. DuitNow QR - easier, faster and better for your business!

Campaign Period:
1 October 2022 – 31 December 2022

Cashback Rewards you can
enjoy with DuitNow QR.

Here’s how it works

Cashback you earn1

50 – 99 transactions per month


per transaction

100 transactions and above


per transaction

Cash in for more.

That’s right! The more DuitNow QR transactions your customers make, the higher your chances of earning additional Cash Reward. Get them to do it for a chance to be rewarded.
How to register for DuitNow
QR via RHB Reflex Mobile App
Step 1:
Download the RHB Reflex Mobile App.
For Android users, download from Google Play Store.

For Apple IOS users, download from the Apple App Store.
Step 2:
Launch the RHB Reflex Mobile App.
On RHB Reflex Mobile App’s main page, select ‘DuitNow QR.’
Step 3:
You will be directed to the DuitNow QR page.
On the DuitNow QR page, select ‘Register.’
Step 4:
Complete your registration.
You have an option to register with Corporate ID (for RHB Reflex users) or Business Registration Number (BRN). Once completed, select ‘Next.’
Step 5:
Verify your details.
On Account Information Page, verify your RHB Business Current Account details. Once verified, select ‘Next’, to edit, select ‘Back.’
Step 6:
Enter your mobile number for One-Time Password (OTP)
This process is applicable to Malaysian mobile numbers only. Once completed, select ‘I Agree & Confirm’. Once that’s done, an OTP will be sent to the registered number.
Step 7:
Key in your OTP.
Once you have received the notification, key in the 6-digit number on Confirm OTP page.
Step 8:
Enter your details.
Type in User Name, Business Type, Address, Outlet Name, User ID. Once completed, select ‘Next.’
Step 9:
Create your new 6-digit PIN
On this page, you are required to create 6-digit PIN as a login PIN for DuitNow QR.
Step 10:
Review your status page.
Once completed, the registered Merchant ID and User ID will be stated on this page. To complete your registration, select ‘Done.’ You will then be directed to the Login Page.
Easier for your customers to
make payments to you:

All they have to do is scan the DuitNow QR code at your premises and make payment. The payment will be sent over instantly. It’s that simple!

Download the RHB Reflex
Mobile App, today.

Participate & be rewarded.
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