Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is the genuine URL for RHB Now Internet Banking?

The genuine URL is

Username and Password

What should I do if I've forgotten my Username?

Please call our Customer Care Centre at 03-92068118 to retrieve your Username. Verification process would take place before retrieval. You would need to provide IC No or ATM/Debit/Credit Card No.

What should I do if I've forgotten my Password?

You can reset your password online. Go to 'Forgot Password' at Login page to do so. You would need to enter your ATM Card, Debit Card or Credit Card details as per your registration.

What is the password requirement adopted by RHB Bank for Internet Banking security's enforcement?

Password requirement adopted by RHB is as per Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) requirement i.e. minimum of 6 alphanumeric.

Do I need to re-setup my favourite list all over again after I re-register?

No, you do not have to setup your favourite list again. Eventhough your Username has changed, your favorite list will be maintained as previous.

Secret Word

What is Secret Word?

Secret Word is a mutual authentication used by RHB to verify that the login page is from a genuine RHB site. You will be asked to register your Secret Word when you first register to use RHB Now. You may choose any phrase of minimum 6 to 10 alphanumeric and no special character is allowed. Your Secret Word will appear on your Internet or Mobile Banking whenever you login. Always check that the Secret Word is the same as the one you have registered before you key-in your password.

What should I do if the Secret Word does not belong to me?

Refresh your browser and key in the Username again. If the Secret Word is still wrong after you refresh your browser, please do not login and call us at 03-9206 8118 for immediate assistance.


Supported browser

  Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Safari
Android Supported Supported N/A N/A
iOS Supported N/A N/A Supported
MAC OS-X Supported Supported N/A Supported
Windows Supported Supported Supported N/A


Version Support

Browser Version
Microsoft Internet Explorer (*) 10, 11
Mozilla Firefox 46, 47, 48
Google Chrome 52, 53, 54
Apple Safari 8, 9, 10


What is RHB Now Internet/Mobile Banking daily operating hours?

Our daily operating hours are from 12.16 A.M to 11.59 P.M