Term Deposits

RHB BizPower Flexi Commodity Murabahah Deposit-i (CMD-i)

Enjoy the flexibility to make partial withdrawals from your funds at any time to meet your business needs.

Highlights and Benefits

Bigger returns, longer tenure.

High profit rates keep your money growing.

Manage cash flow needs

Make partial withdrawals on total placement to meet your unexpected needs.

Profit is calculated and credited every 3 months

Bank will pay your profit on remaining placement upon maturity.

PIDM protection

Up to RM250,000 deposit is protected by PIDM for each depositor.


SME & Commercial customers only

Up to RM250,000 deposit is protected by PIDM for each depositor.

Minimum deposit


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Shariah Concept

A term deposit facility based on the Shariah concept of Commodity Murabahah via Tawarruq arrangement. It refers to the trading of commodities which acts as the underlying assets of a transaction.

Rates Tables
With effect from 7 November 2022
Tier Tenure Rates% (p.a.) Effective Rates% (p.a.)
Cycle 1 1st - 3rd Months



Cycle 2 4th - 6th Months



Cycle 3 7th - 9th Months



Cycle 4 10th - 12th Months



Terms and Conditions
Frequently asked questions
What is this product about?

Biz Power Flexi CMD-i is an Islamic term deposit with a fixed profit rate via the buying and selling of Shariah compliant commodities as the underlying asset based on the Shariah concept of Commodity Murabahah via Tawarruq arrangement.

What is the Shariah Concept applicable?
Shariah Concept Definition
Tawarruq A tawarruq consists of two sale and purchase contracts. The first involves the sale of an asset by a seller to a purchaser on a deferred basis. Subsequently, the purchaser of the first sale will sell the same asset to a third party on spot basis.

E.g. The Bank acting as the Customer’s agent will purchase commodities from Broker A. The Bank will then buy the commodity from the Customer on deferred bassis. Subsequently, the Bank will sell the commodity to Broker B on spot basis.
Murabahah Murabahah refers to a sale and purchase of an asset where the acquisition cost and the mark-up are disclosed to the purchaser

E.g. Bank purchases commodity from Customer with mark-up price.
Wakalah Wakalah refers to a contract where a party, as principal (muwakkil) authorizes another party as his agent (wakil) to perform a particular task on matters that may be delegated, with or without imposition of a fee.

E.g. Customer appoints the Bank as their agent to buy and sell commodities
Ibra’ (Rebate) Ibra’ represents the ‘waiver on right of claim’ accorded by a person to another person that has an obligation (zimmah) which is due to him. Ibra’ or ‘rebate’ refers to an act by a person relinquishing his rights to collect payment due from another person.

E.g. In the event of premature withdrawal, Customer agrees to give Ibra’ (rebate) on the sale price agreed earlier to the Bank.
What is the product structure and mechanism?
Who is eligible for this product?

Sole proprietorships, partnerships, and companies/business enterprises (SME & Commercial customers only and not applicable to Corporate customers).

What is the minimum deposit?

RM 100,000.

What is the minimum account balance required?

RM50,000 (may vary subject to campaign mechanism).

Is partial withdrawal allowed?

The customer is allowed to perform partial withdrawal after fifteen (15) completed days. If the customer perform partial withdrawal after fifteen (15) completed days, the following conditions shall apply :-

  • A minimum principal balance of RM50,000.00 must be maintained till maturity date.
  • The partial withdrawal amount shall be in multiples of RM1,000.00 per withdrawal subject to a minimum amount of RM 10,000.00 per withdrawal.
  • Profit shall be paid based on 50% of the contracted rate for each completed days based on the withdrawn amount.
  • Profit shall not be paid for partial withdrawal performed within the first fifteen (15) days during the 1st-3rd step-up tenures.
  • The remaining principal balance shall continue to earn profit based on the contracted profit rates till the maturity date.

If customer insists on the withdrawal that will result in not meeting a minimum principal balance of RM50,000 till maturity, a full withdrawal must be performed instead with zero profit payment.

Note: Effective 1 January 2019, no profit is paid when premature/partial withdrawal is perform prior to the date of each quarterly interest payment, regardless of completed days.

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