Our Regional Presence

rhb regional presence myanmar

Myanmar is a country with rich natural resources. Its geographic location at the intersection of China and India, two of the world’s most dynamic economies, makes it well positioned to resume its traditional role as a regional trading hub and a key supplier of minerals, natural gas, and agricultural produce.

Since 2011, the government has embarked on an ambitious economic, political and governance reform program. With a population of 55 million from the national census conducted, Myanmar's economy has grown by 8.5% in FY2015/16 driven mainly by construction, manufacturing, and services.

As per World Bank's projection, the economy is projected to remain at 8.5% in FY2016/17. The outlook for Myanmar is positive, as the country continues to open up to foreign investments.

Knowing the importance of the growing market, RHB Banking Group has set up a Representative Office in Myanmar.