rhb regional presence singapore


With more than half a century of presence in Singapore, RHB Bank has garnered invaluable financial experience and made its mark in service excellence. Today, RHB Bank is among market leaders for several products across both loans and deposits portfolios by offering attractive value propositions that meet the needs of its customers.

As a fully-licensed bank, RHB Bank's businesses include Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, Business Banking, Treasury and Investment Banking. We currently have a network of seven branches around the island and 12 currency exchange counters at the Singapore Changi Airport.

RHB Bank is also the first full bank to be conferred the prestigious S-Class (Service Class) award by SPRING Singapore as well as the first and only bank in Singapore and Malaysia to be awarded the prestigious "Best Customer Experience Management of the Year Award" in banking service by APCSC Hong Kong. In 2013, we were awarded the Singapore Quality Class STAR by SPRING Singapore.