Making The Most Of A Windfall

How many times over the years have you logged into your bank account and felt your heart do a little skip when you see a rise in your account balance. Chances are, you’re one of the lucky ones who got a rewarding bonus from your company at the beginning of the year.

Giving yourself a little treat is one thing, but the problem is, not many of us are used to handling a sudden influx of cash. To be fair, most of it is caused by a neural compulsion in many people.

According to a study published in Neuron, the brain's pleasure centre floods our bodies with dopamine at the very thought of getting something we want. Putting it simply, that means that when we buy what we want, we feel good.

Unfortunately, reacting to the impulse to just spend might not be the best idea. It doesn’t help that retailers are holding more and more sales and promotional events, especially during holiday seasons that help tempt you away from your money.

These sales and holiday tactics are working too. A recent Deloitte survey found that retailers have a 75 percent chance of converting a shopper to a purchaser during the holiday season!

By choosing to manage your windfall wisely, you can avoid falling into that spending trap.

Three great ways to grow your money


No matter how you see it, debt is something negative since interest makes you keep on paying. Cut that slightly by paying extra off sums that you owe, and you’ll be living interest-free in no time at all.


Not something that many consider, but more should. Retirement savings are long term and money going in to this should be put to work hard, but safely. Consider safe funds to put your money in to, or stable long-term stocks in saving for future retirement.


This is something you might seriously consider as it literally is a way to grow your money. Investing can be a strong profit margin item, if you know what you’re doing to improve your growth numbers.

The RHB Relationship Manager is key to your future. 

Investments are a great way to have your money work for you. It’s a good option since there are so many avenues of investment available. From shares and unit trusts to precious metals and property, the goal is the same: Make a choice that generates more money for your future.

However, each of those (and many other choices) come with associated risks. Some risks are higher, other lower and returns vary. This is one key area where RHB Bank Relationship Managers can help you out greatly.

By helping you review your financial portfolio through an array of tools and understanding your risk tolerance, RHB Relationship Managers can guide you towards your financial objectives and find the best investment fit for you.

These experts are equipped with privileged access to in-depth market and economic outlooks for a holistic view of all the conditions that can affect your investment portfolio. From investment and business planning to taxation and other advisory services, your success is their priority.

Talk to your RHB Relationship Manager today and grow your wealth for a brighter future.

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