Expand Your Child’s Horizon
Exercise your child’s mind with a holiday
According to the Travel Effect Report Card, 86% of people who reported travel in their youth showed greater intellectual curiosity both in and out of school. 
Traveling & Learning

Positive gains that travel brings are applicable to children as well as any adults. According to the Travel Effect Report Card, 86% of people who reported travel in their youth showed greater intellectual curiosity both in and out of school.

In an article called “The science behind how holidays make your child happier and smarter,” child psychotherapist Dr. Margot Sunderland explained how holidays can advance brain development by activating two genetically ingrained systems deep within the brain’s limbic area, named the PLAY and SEEKING system.

The PLAY area is activated in personal interaction, such as tickling your child, giving them a ride on your back, or similar close activities. The SEEKING area is activated when you explore and discover new things together, such as when going on a hike or experience a new place.

In addition to this learning phenomena, studies also indicate that adults who had taken educational trips as a child were more likely to complete university and, on average, make an estimated USD5,000 more annually at their first jobs than their peers who did not make such trips.

These compelling reasons offer good incentive towards the idea of travel in helping your child’s development. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to both take a break as well as move towards building a better future for your child? In fact, given that Malaysia also boasts world-class travel destinations, that holiday might be closer to home than you think. Let’s take a look at some iconic destinations right here in Malaysia.

The Moroccan Pavilion is located in the botanical gardens in Putrajaya. It is designed to showcase the rich tradition of arts and architecture of Morocco, and the Moors. 
Developing your Child’s Mind Through Different Experiences

1. Genetic Development Through Sun and Surf
Young children often learn through interaction with objects and materials in their environment. When it comes to the sun and surf specifically, this type of environment can also inuence how your child’s genetics develop. Try it out for yourself, perhaps on the white sandy beaches of Pulau Sipadan. Once labelled by famed explorer Jacques Cousteau as “an untouched piece of art”, the textural experience can also provide stimulation for some portions of the brain that helps extend learning.

2. Adapting Early to Harmony and Cooperation
During the early years of childhood, children perceive objects, movement, and print in an expanded manner as they process visuals. Studies have shown that exposure to different cultures are often conducive to the development of patience, curiosity, observational skills, empathy and flexibility. In the scenic depths of the Putrajaya Botanical Gardens there is the Astaka Morocco (Moroccan Pavilion) as well as the Port guese influences of Malacca of which some of the architecture here reects that of Portuguese culture. This is a better start to expose your child to a totally different culture and yet to be so close to home.

3. Positive Reinforcement Through Wildlife
In many cases, positive childhood memories do include interactions with a beloved pet. Feeding, playing with and even stroking an animal has been shown to help children develop positive values such as compassion and care. Rather than run out and get a pet, why not test out the theory with a trip down to the lush elds of Kundasang and visit Desa Cattle Dairy Farm, where the flora and fauna are abundant? Alternatively, Colmar Tropicale in Pahang also gives the opportunity for animal interaction as well, such as with golden-coated, white-maned Palomino horses where children can learn respect and esteem for the majestic creatures.


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